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HN 2104Abdullah - Multi-Colored1953-626"$500.00$270.00 Photo
HN 2152Adrienne - Purple1964-767½"$250.00$147.50 Photo
HN 2304Adrienne - Blue1964-917½"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 2236Affection - Purple1962-944½"$150.00$81.00 Photo
HN 2158Alice - Blue1960-815"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 2940All Aboard - Blue, Cream And Brown1982-869¼"$350.00$245.00 Photo
HN 4207Allison - Pale Blue2000-038¼"$275.00$192.50 Photo
HN 3406Amanda - White And Pink1993-995¼"$100.00$70.00 
HN 3635Amanda - White And Pink1995-955¼"$100.00$68.00 Photo
HN 2958Amy - White And Blue1982-876"$300.00$210.00 Photo
HN 3316Amy - Blue And Rose1991-918"$750.00$405.00 Photo
HN 2970And One For You - White And Brown1982-856½"$175.00$87.50 Photo
HN 3419Angela - Blue, Pink And White1992-928½"$350.00$206.50 Photo
HN 2326Antoinette - White, White Rose1967-796¼"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 2708April - White With Tan Dress, Sweet Pea Flowers1987-877¾"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 55Artful Dodger - Black And Borwn1932-834¼"$80.00$48.00 Photo
HN 2356Ascot - Green Dress With Yellow Shawl1968-955¾"$250.00$135.00 Photo
HN 2473At Ease - Yellow1973-796"$325.00$162.50 Photo
HN 2988The Auctioneer - Black, Grey and Brown1986CC8½"$300.00$120.00 Photo
HN 1911Autumn Breezes - Green And Pink1939-767½"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 1934Autumn Breezes - Red1940-977½"$200.00$108.00 Photo
HN 3231Autumntime - Golden Brown19898"$325.00$152.80 Photo
HN 1679Babie - Green1935-924¾"$90.00$51.30 Photo
HN 1842Babie - Rose And Green1938-494¾"$400.00$216.00 Photo
HN 2121Babie - Pink1983-924¾"$125.00$93.80 Photo
HN 2108Baby Bunting - Brown And Cream1953-595¼"$425.00$170.00 Photo
HN 2319The Bachelor - Green And Brown1964-757"$350.00$150.50 Photo
HN 2808Balinese Dancer - Green And Yellow1982 LE8¾"$850.00$459.00 Photo
HN 2116Ballerina - Lavender1953-737¼"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 2934Balloon Boy - Green And Black1984-987½"$350.00$238.00 Photo
HN 2894Balloon Clown - White And Blue1986-929¼"$450.00$360.00 Photo
HN 2818Balloon Girl - Green, White, Grey And Red1982-976½"$350.00$238.00 Photo
HN 2935Balloon Lady - Purple, Gold And White1984-098¼"$350.00$280.00 Photo
HN 583The Balloon Seller - Green And Cream1923-499"$1600.00$960.00 Photo
HN 2130The Balloon Seller - Green And Cream1989-913¾"$250.00$90.00 Photo
HN 2871Beat You To It - Pink, Gold And Blue1980-876½"$400.00$188.00 Photo
HN 2059The Bedtime Story - Pink, White, Yellow And Blue1950-964¾"$350.00$252.00 Photo
HN 2340Belle - Green1968-884½"$90.00$56.70 Photo
HN 3703Belle - Red And Gold1996-968"$400.00$220.00 Photo
HN 1997Belle O' The Ball - Red And White1947-796"$400.00$260.00 Photo
HN 2002Bess - Red Cloak, Flowered Cream Dress1947-697¼"$400.00$188.00 Photo
HN 2003Bess - Pink Dress, Purple Cloak1947-507¼"$850.00$459.00 Photo
HN 3426Best Wishes - Red And White1993-956"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 2111Betsy - Lavender Dress, Flowered Apron1953-597"$550.00$275.00 Photo
HN 1513Biddy - Pink Dress With Mauve Shawl1932-375½"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 1843Biddy Penny Farthing - Green And Lavender1938-989"$250.00$170.00 Photo
HN 54Bill Sykes - Black And Borwn1932-814¼"$80.00$48.00 Photo
HN 2782The Blacksmith - Brown, Whtie And Grey1987-919"$300.00$210.00 Photo
HN 2021Blithe Morning - Mauve And Pink1949-717¼"$300.00$120.00 Photo
HN 2065Blithe Morning - Red1950-737¼"$325.00$175.50 Photo
HN 2105Bluebeard - Purple, Green And Brown1953-9211"$500.00$180.00 Photo
HN 1811Bo-Peep - Pink1937-955"$100.00$68.00 Photo
HN 2417The Boatman ("Skylark") - Yellow1971-876½"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 2444Bon Appetit - Grey And Brown1972-766"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 2542Boudoir - Pale Blue1974-7912¼"$350.00$164.50 Photo
HN 2383Breton Dancer - Blue And White1981 LE8½"$850.00$459.00 Photo
HN 3285The Bride - Ivory1990-968¼"$275.00$192.50 Photo
HN 2148The Bridesmaid - Yellow1955-595½"$250.00$135.00 Photo
HN 2874The Bridesmaid - White With Gold Trim1980-895¼"$90.00$42.30 Photo
HN 2070Bridget - Green, Brown And Lavender1951-737¾"$325.00$175.50 Photo
HN 2041The Broken Lance - Blue, Red And Yellow1949-758¾"$675.00$398.30 Photo
HN 2546Buddies (matte) - Blue And Brown1973-766"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 3370Bunny's Bedtime - Pale Blue, Pink Ribbon1991 LE6"$375.00$176.30 Photo
HN 3268Buttercup - Green1990-984"$200.00$66.00 Photo
HN 2222Camellia - Pink1960-717¾"$250.00$100.00 Photo
HN 3701Camellias - Pink1995-988½"$400.00$236.00 Photo
HN 1586Camille - Red And Pink1933-496½"$1500.00$855.00 Photo
HN 2260The Captain - Black And White1965-829½"$400.00$212.00 Photo
HN 2112Carolyn - White And Green Flowered Dress1953-657"$525.00$283.50 Photo
HN 1464The Carpet Seller (hand opened) - Green And Orange1929-?9¼"$650.00$351.00 Photo
HN 2800Carrie - Turquoise1976-816"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 3044Catherine - White With Blue Flowers1985-965"$100.00$47.00 Photo
HN 2716Cavalier - Brown And Green1976-829¾"$250.00$100.00 Photo
HN 2226The Cellist - Black And Brown1960-678"$550.00$297.00 Photo
HN 3087Charity - Yellow And Purple1987 LE8½"$375.00$202.50 Photo
HN 4243Charity- Pink2000-018¼"$250.00$150.00 Photo
HN 2421Charlotte - Purple1972-866½"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 579The Chelsea Pair (man) - Red And Black, Yellow Flowers1923-386"$800.00$480.00 Photo
HN 577The Chelsea Pair (woman) - White Dress Blue Flowers1923-386"$850.00$459.00 Photo
HN 2341Cherie - Blue1966-925½"$100.00$54.00 Photo
HN 2892The Chief - Gold1979-887"$250.00$135.00 Photo
HN 2154A Child from Williamsburg - Blue1964-835½"$200.00$80.00 Photo
HN 2943The China Repairer - Blue, White And Tan1982-886¾"$350.00$164.50 Photo
HN 2840Chinese Dancer - Red, Green, Purple And Lavender1980 LE9"$875.00$472.50 Photo
HN 1476Chloe - Blue1931-385½"$450.00$256.50 Photo
HN 2141Choir Boy - White And Red1954-754¾"$150.00$70.50 Photo
HN 2792Christine - Flowered Blue And White Dress1978-947½"$250.00$200.00 Photo
HN 3727Christmas Carols - White1995-996"$100.00$80.00 
HN 3212Christmas Morn - Red And White1988-984"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 2851Christmas Parcels - Black1978-828¾"$325.00$152.80 Photo
HN 3493Christmas Parcels - White1994-986"$100.00$47.00 Photo
HN 2110Christmas Time - Red With White Frills1953-676½"$475.00$318.30 Photo
HN 2793Clare - Flowered Lavender Dress1980-847½"$250.00$142.50 Photo
HN 2345Clarissa - Green1968-817½"$200.00$110.00 Photo
HN 4320Claudia- Lilac2000-038¼"$225.00$171.00 Photo
HN 2279The Clockmaker - Green And Brown1961-757"$400.00$216.00 Photo
HN 2890The Clown - Gold And Grey1979-889"$375.00$270.00 Photo
HN 2282The Coachman - Purple, Grey And Blue1963-717¼"$525.00$283.50 Photo
HN 1283The Cobbler - Light Green1928-498½"$1300.00$702.00 Photo
HN 1706The Cobbler - Green And Brown1935-698¼"$400.00$200.00 Photo
HN 1999Collinette - Red And Cream1947-497¼"$750.00$405.00 Photo
HN 2738Columbine - Flowered Pink And Blue Dress1982-C12½"$3000.00$600.00 Photo
HN 2218Cookie - Pink And White1958-754¾"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 2115Coppelia - BLue, Red And White1953-597¼"$925.00$499.50 Photo
HN 2307Coralie - Yellow1964-887¼"$175.00$119.00 Photo
HN 1991AA Country Lass - Blue, Brown And White1975-817¼"$175.00$82.30 Photo
HN 2322The Cup of Tea - Dark Blue And Grey1964-837"$225.00$112.50 Photo
HN 2049Curly Locks - Pink Flowered Dress1949-534½"$600.00$480.00 Photo
HN 2699Cymbals - Green And Gold1974 LE7½"$800.00$432.00 Photo
HN 2440Cynthia - Green And Yellow1984-927¼"$325.00$260.00 Photo
HN 3435Daddy's Girl - Pink And White1993-984½"$100.00$80.00 Photo
HN 1712Daffy Down Dilly - Green1935-757¾"$375.00$202.50 Photo
HN 1656Dainty May - Lavender1934-496"$800.00$432.00 Photo
HN 1961Daisy - Pink1941-493½"$800.00$608.00 Photo
HN 2235Dancing Years - Lavender1965-716¾"$425.00$229.50 Photo
HN 2024Darby - Pink And Blue1949-595¾"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 1319Darling - White, Black Base1929-597½"$200.00$80.00 Photo
HN 1985Darling - White, Black Base1944-975¼"$80.00$56.00 Photo
HN 4140Darling - Pale Blue1998 LE7¾"$175.00$70.00 Photo
HN 88David Copperfield - Black And Tan1949-834¼"$100.00$54.00 Photo
HN 3258Dawn - Purple, Red And White1990-928"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 1731Daydreams - Pink1935-965¾"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2400Debbie - Peach1983-955½"$100.00$76.00 Photo
HN 2696December - White With Green Dress, Christmas Rose Flowers1987-877¾"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 1772Delight - Red1936-677"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 2136Delphine - Blue And Lavender1954-677¼"$450.00$243.00 Photo
HN 2273Denise - Red1964-717"$375.00$202.50 Photo
HN 2468Diana - Flowered White Dress1986-C8"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 3266Diana - Pink, Blue And White1990-908"$300.00$177.00 Photo
HN 3310Diana - Pale Pink And Blue1991-954¼"$200.00$86.00 Photo
HN 90Dick Swiveller - Black And Tan1949-814¼"$80.00$72.00 Photo
HN 2169Dimity - Green, Lavender And Cream1956-595¾"$450.00$243.00 Photo
HN 1678Dinky Doo - Lavender1934-964¾"$90.00$51.30 Photo
HN 1558Dorcas - Purple1933-526¾"$450.00$243.00 Photo
HN 3133Dreaming - Pale Pink1987-959"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 2283Dreamweaver - Blue, Grey And Brown1972-768¼"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 2964Dressing Up - White And Blue1982-857½"$200.00$140.00 Photo
HN 2679Drummer Boy - Multi-Colored1976-818½"$500.00$250.00 Photo
HN 1976Easter Day - White, Lilac And Green1945-517¼"$750.00$405.00 Photo
HN 3900Elaine - White and Gold19974"$150.00$81.00 Photo
HN 2009Eleanor of Provence - Purple And Red1948-539½"$800.00$608.00 Photo
HN 2264Elegance - Green1961-857¼"$200.00$108.00 Photo
HN 2078Elfreda - Red And Purple1951-557¼"$1350.00$810.00 Photo
HN 3179Eliza - Red And Lilac1988-927½"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2465Elizabeth - Blue1990-988½"$325.00$204.80 Photo
HN 4258Embrace6"$100.00$59.00 Photo
HN 2855Embroidering - Grey1980-907¼"$350.00$164.50 Photo
HN 2178Enchantment - Blue1957-827½"$150.00$81.00 Photo
HN 1981The Ermine Coat - White And Red1945-676¾"$400.00$272.00 Photo
HN 2814Eventide - Blue, White, Red, Yellow And Green1977-917¾"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 2193Fair Lady - Green1963-967¼"$200.00$118.00 Photo
HN 2835Fair Lady - Peach1977-967¼"$200.00$160.00 Photo
HN 4222Fair Maid- Lemon, Blue2000-028"$250.00$135.00 Photo
HN 2211Fair Maiden - Green1967-945¼"$125.00$50.00 Photo
HN 2434Fair Maiden - Red And White1983-945¼"$100.00$54.00 Photo
HN 3082Faith - Pink1986 LE8½"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 2054Falstaff - Brown1950-927"$175.00$105.00 Photo
HN 3236Falstaff - Brown, Yellow And Lavender1989-903¾"$125.00$58.80 Photo
HN 2321Family Album - Lavender And Green1966-736¼"$500.00$270.00 Photo
HN 44Fat Boy - Blue And White1932-834¼"$80.00$48.00 Photo
HN 2249The Favorite - Blue And White1960-907¾"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 4523Faye2003-048½"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 2694Fiona - Red And White1974-817½"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 2803First Dance - Pale Blue1977-927¼"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 3911First Prize - White Shirt, Brown Jodhpurs, Black Hat, Dark Blue Coat1997-995¼"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 2862First Waltz - Red1979-837¼"$325.00$195.00 Photo
HN 2368Fleur - Green1968-957¼"$200.00$120.00 Photo
HN 2369Fleur - Orange And Blue1983-867¼"$250.00$150.00 Photo
HN 2349Flora - Brown And White1966-737¾"$450.00$306.00 Photo
HN 3479Flower Girl - White And Pink1994-975"$150.00$81.00 Photo
HN 2162The Foaming Quart - Brown1955-926"$200.00$108.00 Photo
HN 3754For You - Blue1996-988½"$200.00$140.00 Photo
HN 1974Forty Winks - Green And Tan1945-736¾"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2334Fragrance - Blue1966-957¼"$200.00$136.00 Photo
HN 3220Fragrance - Gold1988-923¾"$150.00$90.00 Photo
HN 2422Francine (tail up) - Green And White1972-?5"$150.00$108.00 Photo
HN 4609Free Spirit5¾"$150.00$94.50 Photo
HN 2075French Peasant - Brown And Green1951-559¼"$650.00$351.00 Photo
HN 2911Gandalf - Green And White1980-847"$375.00$150.00 Photo
HN 2135Gay Morning - Pink1954-677"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 3229The Geisha - Flambe19899½"$600.00$240.00 Photo
HN 1962Genevieve - Red1941-757"$325.00$152.80 Photo
HN 2139Giselle - Blue And White1954-696"$500.00$270.00 Photo
HN 2140Giselle, The Forest Glade - White And Blue1954-657"$550.00$297.00 Photo
HN 2258A Good Catch - Green And Grey1966-867¼"$275.00$162.30 Photo
HN 2896Good Day Sir - Purple1986-898½"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 2118Good King Wenceslas - Brown And Purple1953-768½"$375.00$202.50 Photo
HN 2671Good Morning - Blue, Pink And Brown1974-768"$250.00$142.50 Photo
HN 2037Goody Two Shoes - Red And Pink1949-895"$125.00$67.50 Photo
HN 2318Grace - Green1966-817¾"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 3017The Graduate (male) - Black And Grey1984-929¼"$250.00$135.00 Photo
HN 2723Grand Manner - Lavender-Yellow1975-817¾"$250.00$175.00 Photo
HN 2031Granny's Heritage - Lavender And Green1949-696¾"$850.00$484.50 Photo
HN 1485Greta - Lavender1931-535½"$500.00$285.00 Photo
HN 2777Groucho Marx - Black And Grey1991 LE9½"$475.00$380.00 Photo
HN 3369Hannah - Pale Pink, Yellow And Blue1991-968¼"$350.00$164.50 Photo
HN 3097Happy Anniversary - Purple And White1987-936½"$275.00$173.30 Photo
HN 4308Happy Birthday 2001 - Light Blue20018"$150.00$60.00 Photo
HN 4464Happy Birthday 200320038¼"$200.00$108.00 Photo
HN 4096Harmony - White19985¾"$100.00$59.00 Photo
HN 3167Hazel - Flowered White Dress1988-918"$300.00$210.00 
HN 2276Heart to Heart - Lavender, Green And Yellow1961-715½"$550.00$374.00 Photo
HN 2994Helen - White1985-875"$125.00$93.80 
HN 2387Helen of Troy - Green And Pink1981 LE8¼"$1300.00$1040.00 Photo
HN 2499Helmsman - Brown1974-869"$375.00$262.50 Photo
HN 1977Her Ladyship - Red And Cream1945-597¼"$475.00$223.30 Photo
HN 2335Hilary - BLue1967-817¼"$225.00$90.00 Photo
HN 3295The Homecoming - Blue, Pink And Green1990 LE7"$600.00$480.00 
HN 3061Hope - Pale Blue1984 LE8¼"$400.00$216.00 Photo
HN 2209Hostess of Williamsburg - Pink1960-837¼"$275.00$110.00 Photo
HN 2492Huntsman - Grey And Cream1974-797½"$375.00$262.50 Photo
HN 2830Indian Temple Dancer - Gold1977 LE9¼"$1400.00$756.00 Photo
HN 2170Invitation - Pink1956-755½"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 3010Isabella, Countess of Sefton - Yellow And Black1991 LE9¾"$550.00$297.00 Photo
HN 1768Ivy - Purple1936-794¾"$125.00$87.50 Photo
HN 2000Jacqueline - Lavender1947-517¼"$625.00$337.50 Photo
HN 2333Jacqueline - Purple1982-917½"$250.00$187.50 
HN 2022Janice - Green And Cream1949-557¼"$625.00$337.50 Photo
HN 2165Janice - Black And Pale Blue1955-657¼"$550.00$220.00 Photo
HN 2461Janine - Turquoise And White1971-957½"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 4127Jasmine - White and Pink1999-038"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 2710Jean - White1983-865¾"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 3168Jemma - Red And Blue1988-917¼"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 2057The Jersey Milkmaid - Blue, White And Red1950-596½"$250.00$135.00 Photo
HN 3169Jessica - White1988-957"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 3497Jessica - White And Blue1993-937"$200.00$100.00 Photo
HN 2016A Jester - Brown And Mauve1949-9710"$275.00$148.50 Photo
HN 2023Joan - Blue1949-595¾"$325.00$221.00 Photo
HN 2373Joanne - White1982-885¼"$250.00$157.50 Photo
HN 2144The Jovial Monk - Brown1954-767¾"$300.00$216.00 Photo
HN 3875Joy - White Dress19975¼"$100.00$63.00 Photo
HN 2089Judith - Red And Blue1952-597"$450.00$360.00 Photo
HN 2705Julia - Gold1975-907½"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 1994Karen - Red1947-558"$650.00$351.00 Photo
HN 2933Kathleen - Orange, Yellow And Green1983-876½"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 3461Kerry - White And Green1993-985¼"$100.00$80.00 
HN 3213Kirsty - Red1988-973¾"$150.00$60.00 Photo
HN 2867Kurdish Dancer - Blue1979 LE8¼"$900.00$450.00 Photo
HN 3359L'Ambitieuse - Rose And Pale Blue1991 LE8¼"$500.00$270.00 Photo
HN 2138La Sylphide - White And Blue1954-657"$600.00$324.00 Photo
HN 1949Lady Charmain - Red Dress With Green Shawl1940-758"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2228Lady From Williamsburg - Green1960-836"$250.00$175.00 Photo
HN 2361AThe Laird (small base) - Green And Brown1969-?8"$275.00$192.50 Photo
HN 1890Lambing Time - Light Brown1938-819¼"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2960Laura - Pale Blue And White, Yellow Flowers1982-947¼"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 2719Laurianne - Dark Blue And White1974-796¼"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 3481Lavender Rose - White, Pink Flowers1993-956"$100.00$70.00 
HN 1955Lavinia - Red1940-795"$125.00$75.00 Photo
HN 3201Liberty - White, Blue And Red1989-908¼"$325.00$152.80 Photo
HN 2262Lights Out - Blue Trousers With Yellow Spotted Shirt1965-695"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 2137Lilac Time - Red1954-697¼"$400.00$216.00 Photo
HN 1798Lily - Pink1936-715"$175.00$126.00 Photo
HN 2310Lisa - Blue And White1969-827¼"$225.00$148.50 Photo
HN 3030Little Bo Peep - White With Blue Trim1984-878"$200.00$114.00 Photo
HN 2062Little Boy Blue - Blue1950-735½"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 3035Little Boy Blue - Blue And White1984-877¾"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 3034Little Jack Horner - White, Yellow And Green1984-877"$175.00$94.50 Photo
HN 2972Little Lord Fauntleroy - Blue And White1982-856¼"$175.00$82.30 Photo
HN 2727Little Miss Muffet - White And Pink1984-876¼"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 540Little Nell - Pink1922-324"$90.00$48.60 Photo
HN 2749Lizzie - Green, White And Red1988-918¼"$225.00$96.80 Photo
HN 2317The Lobster Man - Blue, Grey And Brown1964-947¼"$200.00$108.00 Photo
HN 2323The Lobster Man - Cream, Blue, Gold And Grey1987-957¼"$450.00$243.00 Photo
HN 2311Lorna - Green Dress, Yellow Shawl1965-858¼"$200.00$102.00 Photo
HN 3207Louise - Red1990-967½"$250.00$200.00 Photo
HN 2149Love Letter - Pink And Blue1958-765½"$550.00$258.50 Photo
HN 2342Lucrezia Borgia - Yellow1985 LE8"$1500.00$1200.00 Photo
HN 3858Lucy - Pale Pink And White Dress, White Cat Black Patches1997-998½"$325.00$227.50 Photo
HN 1906Lydia - Orange And Pink1939-494¼"$750.00$405.00 Photo
HN 1908Lydia - Red1939-954¾"$175.00$82.30 Photo
HN 2225Make Believe - Blue1962-885¾"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 3372Making Friends - Pink-Yellow And White1991 LE5½"$375.00$202.50 Photo
HN 2476Mandy - White1982-924½"$75.00$67.50 Photo
HN 2707March - White With Green Dress, Anemone Flowers1987-877¾"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 1989Margaret - Red And Green1947-597¼"$525.00$357.00 Photo
HN 2397Margaret - White Dress, Blue Sash1982-C7½"$225.00$180.00 Photo
HN 3496Margaret - White And Green1993-997½"$250.00$200.00 
HN 2012Margaret of Anjou - Green And Yellow1948-539¼"$975.00$526.50 Photo
HN 1928Marguerite - Pink1940-598"$575.00$230.00 Photo
HN 1991Market Day - Blue, Pink And White1947-557¼"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 3375Mary - Blue And White1992-928½"$700.00$385.00 Photo
HN 2048Mary Had a Little Lamb - Lavender1949-883½"$150.00$102.00 Photo
HN 1990Mary Jane - Flowered Pink Dress1947-527½"$650.00$351.00 Photo
HN 2044Mary, Mary - Pink1949-735"$300.00$216.00 Photo
HN 2103Mask Seller - Green And Yellow1953-958½"$350.00$175.00 Photo
HN 2554AMasque (hand holds mask to face) - BLue1975-828½"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 2259Masquerade - Red And Cream1960-658½"$375.00$202.50 Photo
HN 2011Matilda - Red And Purple1948-539¼"$800.00$432.00 Photo
HN 1770Maureen - Pink1936-597½"$450.00$225.00 Photo
HN 2711May - White With Green Dress, Lily Of The Valley Flowers1987-877¾"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 2746May - Blue, Red And Green1987-928"$300.00$141.00 Photo
HN 3251May - Blue, Red And Pink1989 LE8"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 2280The Mayor - Red And White1963-718¼"$400.00$188.00 Photo
HN 2113Maytime - Pink Dress With Blue Scarf1953-677"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 2330Meditation - Peach And Cream1971-835¾"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 2743Meg - Lavender And Yellow1987-918"$200.00$150.00 
HN 2271Melanie - Blue1965-817¾"$250.00$125.00 Photo
HN 4117Melody - White And Blue19995½"$110.00$74.80 Photo
HN 2030Memories - Pink And Green1949-596"$700.00$378.00 Photo
HN 1365The Mendicant - Brown1929-698¼"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2866Mexican Dancer - Gold And White1979 LE8¼"$900.00$450.00 Photo
HN 2234Michele - Green1967-937"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 2090Midinette - Blue1952-657¼"$400.00$188.00 Photo
HN 2033Midsummer Noon - Pink1949-554¾"$900.00$486.00 Photo
HN 2057AThe Milkmaid - Green, White And Brwon1975-816½"$175.00$94.50 Photo
HN 2019Minuet - Patterned White Dress1949-717¼"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 2066Minuet - Red1950-557¼"$1600.00$864.00 Photo
HN 68Mirabel - Pink And Green1936-494"$900.00$540.00 Photo
HN 1402Miss Demure - Lavender And Pink1930-757½"$250.00$147.50 Photo
HN 1936Miss Muffet - Red1940-675½"$225.00$90.00 Photo
HN 1937Miss Muffet - Green1940-525½"$400.00$272.00 Photo
HN 3849Moll Flanders1999 LE8½"$550.00$346.50 Photo
HN 1467Monica - Flowered Purple Dress1931-954"$150.00$90.00 Photo
HN 2332Monte Carlo - Green1982 LE8¼"$375.00$202.50 Photo
HN 4362Moonlight Gaze20028"$275.00$148.50 Photo
HN 2895Morning Ma'am - Pale Blue1986-899"$200.00$100.00 Photo
HN 3353Mother And Child - White1992-997½"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 42Mr. Micawber - Yellow And Black1932-834"$90.00$48.60 Photo
HN 2097Mr. Micawber - Black And Brown1952-677½"$550.00$440.00 
HN 43Mr. Pecksniff - Black1932-824¼"$90.00$72.00 Photo
HN 41Mr. Pickwick - Yellow And Black1932-834"$90.00$61.20 Photo
HN 86Mrs. Bardell - Green1949-824¼"$90.00$48.60 Photo
HN 2756Musicale - Cream1983-859"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 2339My Love - White, Red Rose1969-966¼"$250.00$135.00 Photo
HN 2177My Teddy - Turquoise1962-673¼"$650.00$260.00 Photo

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