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HN 2221Nanny - Blue And White1958-916"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2891The Newsvendor - Gold And Grey1986 LE8"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2347Nina - Blue1969-767½"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 2379Ninette - Yellow And Cream1971-977½"$200.00$134.00 Photo
HN 3215Ninette - Cream And Lavender1988-973½"$175.00$105.00 Photo
HN 2809North American Indian Dancer - Yellow1982 LE8½"$850.00$459.00 Photo
HN 2695November - White With Pink Dress, Chrysanthemiun Flowers1987-877¾"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 2733Officer of the Line - Red And Yellow1982-869"$475.00$380.00 Photo
HN 1315Old Balloon Seller - Green, Purple And White1929-C7½"$225.00$114.80 Photo
HN 3482Old Country Roses - White, Red Flowers1993-956"$100.00$80.00 Photo
HN 2463Olga - Turquoise And Gold1972-758¼"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 89Oliver Twist - Black And Tan1949-834¼"$90.00$72.90 Photo
HN 2247Omar Khayyam - Brown1965-836¼"$250.00$125.00 Photo
HN 2153The One That Got Away - Brown1955-596¼"$500.00$270.00 Photo
HN 1759The Orange Lady - Pink1936-758¾"$325.00$152.80 Photo
HN 1953Orange Lady - Light Green Dress Dark Green Shawl1940-758½"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2042Owd Willum - Green And Brown1949-736¾"$325.00$175.50 Photo
HN 1987Paisley Shawl - Red And Cream1946-598¼"$400.00$272.00 Photo
HN 1988Paisley Shawl - Red And Pink1946-756¼"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 2445Parisian - Blue And Grey1972-758"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 564The Parson's Daughter - Red, Yellow And Green1923-499½"$600.00$324.00 Photo
HN 2484Past Glory - Red And Black1973-797½"$350.00$175.00 Photo
HN 7Patricia - Pink And Green1932-454"$600.00$480.00 Photo
HN 2906Paula - Yellow With Green Trim1980-867"$300.00$150.00 Photo
HN 2441Pauline - Peach1983-895"$400.00$216.00 Photo
HN 1482Pearly Boy - Brown Suit, Red Vest1931-495½"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 2035Pearly Boy - Reddish-Brown1949-595¼"$275.00$148.50 Photo
HN 2767Pearly Boy - Black, White And Blue1988-887½"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2098Pecksniff - Black And Brown1952-677¼"$550.00$297.00 Photo
HN 2038Peggy - Red And White1949-795"$125.00$62.50 Photo
HN 1901Penelope - Red1939-757"$450.00$225.00 Photo
HN 2338Penny - Green And White1968-954¾"$90.00$56.70 Photo
HN 2424Penny - Yellow And White1983-924¾"$100.00$80.00 Photo
HN 2408A Penny's Worth - Pale Blue, Yellow And White1986-907"$250.00$135.00 Photo
HN 2216Pirouette - Pale Blue1959-675¾"$250.00$170.00 Photo
HN 2156The Polka - Pink1955-697½"$400.00$216.00 Photo
HN 2965Pollyanna - White, Grey And Tan1982-856½"$200.00$108.00 Photo
HN 1493The Potter - Brown1932-927"$325.00$195.00 Photo
HN 2343Premiere (hand holds cloak) - Green1969-?7½"$350.00$199.50 Photo
HN 2343APremiere (hand rests on cloak) - Green?-19797½"$200.00$108.00 Photo
HN 2768Pretty Polly - Pink And White1984-866"$250.00$147.50 Photo
HN 2945Pride And Joy - Brown, Gold And Green1984CC7"$350.00$126.00 Photo
HN 2942Prized Possessions - Cream, Purple And Green1982CC6½"$700.00$329.00 Photo
HN 2281The Professor - Brown And Black1965-817¼"$300.00$141.00 Photo
HN 2253The Puppetmaker - Green, Brown and Red1963-738"$650.00$396.50 Photo
HN 3099Queen Elizabeth I - Red And Gold1986 LE9"$750.00$600.00 Photo
HN 2328Queen of Sheba - Purple And Brown With Green Base1982 LE9"$1250.00$1000.00 Photo
HN 2435Queen of the Ice - Cream1983-868"$225.00$135.00 Photo
HN 2555R.C.M.P. 1873 - Red1973 LE8¼"$650.00$325.00 Photo
HN 2936Rachel - Red And Cream1985-977½"$300.00$210.00 Photo
HN 2142Rag Doll - White, Blue And Red1954-864¾"$175.00$63.00 Photo
HN 2944The Rag Doll Seller - Green, Lavender And White1983-957"$350.00$164.50 Photo
HN 2805Rebecca - Pale Blue And Lavender1980-967¼"$450.00$180.00 Photo
HN 4466The Recital20038¼"$300.00$150.00 Photo
HN 2709Regal Lady - Turquoise And Cream1975-837½"$250.00$100.00 Photo
HN 2272Repose - Pink And Green1972-795¼"$300.00$141.00 Photo
HN 2728Rest Awhile - Blue, White And Purple1981-848"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2306Reverie - Peach1964-816½"$325.00$162.50 Photo
HN 2267Rhapsody - Green1961-736¾"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 2773Robin Hood - Green1985-907¾"$275.00$192.50 Photo
HN 2430Romance - Gold And Green1972-815¼"$225.00$128.30 Photo
HN 2393Rosalind - Blue1970-755½"$275.00$192.50 Photo
HN 1368Rose - Pink1930-954½"$80.00$45.60 Photo
HN 1926Roseanna - Pink1940-598"$475.00$256.50 Photo
HN 3143Rosemary - White Dress With Pink Flowers1988-917½"$300.00$210.00 Photo
HN 2233Royal Govenor's Cook - Dark Blue, White And Brown1960-836"$600.00$318.00 Photo
HN 2799Ruth - Green1976-816"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 1982Sabbath Morn - Red1945-597¼"$375.00$202.50 Photo
HN 46Sairey Gamp - Green1932-834"$90.00$48.60 Photo
HN 1896Sairey Gamp - Green1938-527"$850.00$459.00 Photo
HN 2100Sairey Gamp - Green1952-677¼"$675.00$364.50 Photo
HN 2741Sally - Red And Lavender1987-915½"$200.00$134.00 Photo
HN 2275Sandra - Gold1969-977¾"$250.00$147.50 Photo
HN 2265Sara - Red And White1981-C7½"$250.00$180.00 Photo
HN 2223Schoolmarm - Purple, Grey And Brown1958-816¾"$400.00$252.00 Photo
HN 3629Scotland - Green, White And Pink1995-987¾"$550.00$324.50 Photo
HN 2257Sea Harvest - Blue And Brown1969-767½"$375.00$262.50 Photo
HN 2455The Seafarer - Gold, Blue And Grey1972-768½"$325.00$234.00 Photo
HN 2263Seashore - Yellow, Red And Cream1961-653½"$400.00$320.00 
HN 2382Secret Thoughts - Green1971-886¼"$225.00$128.30 Photo
HN 2753Serenade - Cream1983-859"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 3047Sharon - White And Blue1984-935½"$175.00$82.30 Photo
HN 3603Sharon - Peach, Cream And Blue1994-948¾"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2045She Loves Me Not - Blue1949-625½"$300.00$129.00 Photo
HN 2742Sheila - Pale Blue Flowered Dress1983-918¼"$300.00$240.00 Photo
HN 1975The Shepherd - Light Brown1945-758½"$250.00$175.00 Photo
HN 2702Shirley "Lavender Rose" - White Dress, Pink Flowers1985-977¼"$225.00$180.00 
HN 2254Shore Leave - Black1965-797½"$350.00$245.00 Photo
HN 2017Silks and Ribbons - Green, White And Red1949-016"$250.00$187.50 Photo
HN 2208Silversmith of Williamsburg - Blue, White And Brown1960-836¼"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2378Simone - Green1971-817¼"$200.00$160.00 Photo
HN 2370Sir Edward - Red And Grey1979 LE11"$550.00$297.00 Photo
HN 3891Sir Henry Doulton - Grey Suit, Black Overcoat, Hat And Umbrella1997 LE8¾"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 2117The Skater - Red, White And Brown1953-717¼"$475.00$242.30 Photo
HN 2277Slapdash - Gree, White And Blue1990-9410"$400.00$280.00 
HN 3079Sleeping Beauty - Green And White1987-894½"$275.00$148.50 Photo
HN 2953Sleepy Darling - Pale Blue And Pink1981CC7¼"$300.00$120.00 Photo
HN 2312Soiree - Green And Cream1967-847½"$175.00$105.00 Photo
HN 2729Song of the Sea - Blue And Grey1982-917¼"$425.00$199.80 Photo
HN 3008Sophia Charlotte, Lady Sheffield - Yellow And Turquoise1991 LE10"$500.00$305.00 Photo
HN 2833Sophie - Red And Grey1977-876"$300.00$141.00 Photo
HN 4253The Sorceress- Red, Purple2000-029½"$550.00$346.50 Photo
HN 2229Southern Belle - Red And Cream1958-977½"$250.00$100.00 Photo
HN 2425Southern Belle - Pale Blue And Pink1983-947½"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 3174Southern Belle - Red And Yellow1988-974"$200.00$94.00 Photo
HN 2831Spanish Flamenco Dancer - Red And White1977 LE9½"$1600.00$864.00 Photo
HN 2085Spring - Lavender And Cream1952-597¾"$500.00$270.00 Photo
HN 1922Spring Morning - Pink And Blue1940-737½"$275.00$148.50 Photo
HN 3725Spring Morning - Cream With Gold Trim1995-987¾"$200.00$160.00 
HN 3033Springtime - Yellow, Cream And Green1983CC8"$300.00$141.00 Photo
HN 2051St. George - Green And White1950-857½"$500.00$340.00 Photo
HN 2207Stayed at Home - Green And White1958-695"$250.00$135.00 Photo
HN 2807Stephanie - Gold1977-827¼"$225.00$132.80 Photo
HN 2352A Stitch in Time - Purple, Brown And Turquoise1966-816¼"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 2683Stop Press - Brown, Blue And White1977-817½"$275.00$137.50 Photo
HN 3755Strolling - Red And Yellow1996-998"$250.00$125.00 Photo
HN 2086Summer - Red Flowered Dress1952-597¼"$500.00$270.00 Photo
HN 2181Summer's Day - White1957-625¾"$350.00$189.00 Photo
HN 3137Summertime - White And Blue19878"$225.00$90.00 Photo
HN 2698Sunday Best - Pink And White1985-957½"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 2184Sunday Morning - Red And Brown1963-697½"$450.00$243.00 Photo
HN 4221Susannah- Cream2000-038"$250.00$187.50 Photo
HN 2026Suzette - Flowered Pink Dress1949-597¼"$500.00$270.00 Photo
HN 1610Sweet and Twenty - Red Dress, Green Sofa1933-383½"$750.00$637.50 Photo
HN 1496Sweet Anne - Purple1932-677"$300.00$150.00 Photo
HN 2215Sweet April - Pink1965-677¼"$425.00$229.50 Photo
HN 2380Sweet Dreams - Multi-Colored1971-905"$200.00$116.00 Photo
HN 2231Sweet Sixteen - Blue And White1958-657¼"$450.00$342.00 Photo
HN 1935Sweeting - Pink1940-736"$150.00$81.00 Photo
HN 2287Symphony - Brown1961-655¼"$275.00$148.50 Photo
HN 2677Taking Things Easy - Blue, White And Brown1975-876¾"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 2680Taking Things Easy - Cream And Blue1987-966¾"$300.00$150.00 Photo
HN 2248Tall Story - Blue And Grey1968-756½"$400.00$200.00 Photo
HN 2865Tess - Green1978-835¾"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 3846Tess of D'Urberville - Tan, Cream, White1998 LE8¼"$500.00$340.00 Photo
HN 2732Thank You - White, Brown And Blue1982-868¼"$300.00$141.00 Photo
HN 2731Thanks Doc - White And Brown1975-908¾"$400.00$240.00 Photo
HN 2446Thanksgiving - Blue, Pink And Grey1972-768"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 1677Tinkle Bell - Pink1935-884¾"$90.00$56.70 Photo
HN 2146The Tinsmith - Green And Brown1962-676½"$575.00$247.30 Photo
HN 56Tiny Tim - Black And Borwn1932-833¾"$80.00$48.00 Photo
HN 1805To Bed - Green1937-596"$225.00$90.00 Photo
HN 2941Tom Brown - Blue And Cream1983-856¾"$225.00$105.80 Photo
HN 3032Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son - White Yellow And Pink1984-877"$175.00$94.50 Photo
HN 47Tony Weller - Green, Black Red And Yellow1932-814"$90.00$48.60 Photo
HN 1680Tootles - Pink1935-754¾"$110.00$62.70 Photo
HN 1833Top o' The Hill - Green And Blue1937-717"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 1834Top o' The Hill - Red1937-C7"$200.00$140.00 Photo
HN 1849Top o' The Hill - Pink1938-757¼"$250.00$117.50 Photo
HN 2126Top o' The Hill - Green And Mauve1988-884"$150.00$64.50 Photo
HN 3734Top O' The Hill3¾"$275.00$148.50 Photo
HN 2119Town Crier - Purple, Green And Yellow1953-768½"$325.00$175.50 Photo
HN 3261The Town Crier - Purple, Green And Black1989-914"$150.00$70.50 Photo
HN 2250The Toymaker - Brown And Red1959-736"$600.00$300.00 Photo
HN 2243Treasure Island - Blue And Yellow1962-754¾"$275.00$129.30 Photo
HN 3283Tumbling - White, Yellow Blue And Green1990-948¾"$400.00$300.00 
HN 2320Tuppence a Bag - Blue And Green1968-955½"$275.00$167.80 Photo
HN 2256Twilight - Green And Black1971-765"$300.00$141.00 Photo
HN 45Uriah Heep - Black1932-834"$90.00$48.60 Photo
HN 2107Valerie - Red, Pink And White1953-954¾"$125.00$67.50 Photo
HN 1836Vanessa - Green And Blue1938-497½"$1750.00$945.00 Photo
HN 2722Veneta - Green And White1974-818"$250.00$125.00 Photo
HN 1517Veronica - Red-Cream1932-518"$500.00$215.00 Photo
HN 1915Veronica - Red And Cream1939-495¾"$550.00$297.00 Photo
HN 2471Victoria - Patterned Pink Dress1973-C6½"$275.00$192.50 Photo
HN 2362The Wayfarer - Green, Grey And Brown1970-765½"$250.00$125.00 Photo
HN 4229Wedding Celebration- White2000-028½"$225.00$90.00 Photo
HN 3031Wee Willie Winkie - White And Blue1984-877¾"$225.00$121.50 Photo
HN 3764Welcome - White1996-965¾"$100.00$60.00 Photo
HN 2109Wendy - Blue1953-955"$125.00$67.50 Photo
HN 2384West Indian Dancer - Yellow And White1981 LE8¾"$800.00$432.00 Photo
HN 3275Will He, Won't He - Green1990-949"$350.00$245.00 
HN 2396Wistful - Peach And Cream1979-906½"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 2877The Wizard - Blue1979-C9¾"$350.00$175.00 Photo
HN 2735Young Love - Cream, Green, Blue And Brown1975-9010"$600.00$324.00 Photo
Figurine Sets
HN 2825/9Myths And Maidens Set1982-86$11250.00$6075.00 Photo

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