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Table Lighters
D 6463Rip Van Winkle1958-?3.5$65.00$52.00 Photo
D 6853Long John Silver1990-91LG$300.00$162.00 Photo
D 6855Old Balloon Seller1989-91LG$250.00$200.00 Photo
D 6818Old Salt1989-89LG$250.00$135.00 Photo
Ash Bowls
D 5925Old Charley1939-603$150.00$81.00 Photo
D 5926Paddy1938-603$150.00$81.00 Photo
D 6009Sairey Gamp1939-603$150.00$81.00 Photo
Sugar Bowls
D 6013Tony Weller1939-602.5$750.00$405.00 Photo
Toby Jugs
D 6745Albert Sagger The Potter1986CCSM$150.00$81.00 Photo
D 6716Betty Bitters The Barmaid1984-90SM$125.00$67.50 Photo
D 6721Capt Salt The Sea Captain1985-91SM$175.00$94.50 Photo
D 6768Charlie Cheer The Clown1987-91SM$175.00$94.50 Photo
D 6723Dr. Pulse The Physician1985-91SM$125.00$67.50 Photo
D 6062Falstaff1939-91LG$150.00$81.00 Photo
D 6063Falstaff1939-91SM$125.00$67.50 Photo
D 6767Flora Fuchia The Florist1987-90SM$125.00$67.50 Photo
D 6742Fred Fly The Fisherman1986-91SM$125.00$67.50 Photo
D 6031Happy John1939-91LG$125.00$67.50 Photo
D 6108Honest Measure1939-91SM$125.00$90.00 Photo
D 6320The Huntsman - Doulton1950-91LG$150.00$81.00 Photo
D 6109bJolly Toby1939-91Med$175.00$94.50 Photo
D 6262Mr. Micawber1948-60SM$250.00$135.00 Photo
D 6713Mr. Tonsil The Towncrier1984-91SM$100.00$80.00 Photo
D 6069Old Charlie1939-60SM$300.00$162.00 Photo
D 7069Old Father Time1996Med$150.00$120.00 
D 6720Sgt. Peeler The Policeman1985-91SM$125.00$67.50 Photo
D 6660Sir Francis Drake1981-91LG$150.00$81.00 Photo
D 6172aWinston Churchill1941-91Med$100.00$68.00 Photo
D 6175aWinston Churchill1941-91SM$75.00$40.50 Photo
HN 1020Cocker Spaniel Ch. 'Lucky Star of Ware'1931-855"$200.00$108.00 Photo
HN 2585Cocker Spaniel Lying In Basket1941-852"$100.00$54.00 Photo
HN 1029Cocker Spaniel With Pheasant1931-683½"$325.00$175.50 Photo
HN 1036Cocker Spaniel, medium1931-855¼"$150.00$81.00 Photo
HN 1078Cocker Spaniel, small1932-683"$175.00$94.50 Photo
HN 2957Dog Of Fo - flambe'19825¼"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 807Drake, standing1923-772½"$150.00$81.00 Photo
HN 2591Duck Standing1941-682½"$150.00$81.00 Photo
HN 296Emperor Penguin 1913-19966"$300.00$240.00 
HN 1051English Setter Ch. 'Maesydd Mustard'1931-604"$250.00$152.50 Photo
HN 2529English Setter with Pheasant (minor flaws on base)1939-19858"$900.00$630.00 
HN 12'Lucky' Black Cat1932-752¾"$125.00$100.00 Photo
HN 3515Mallard (female)1979-19854"$175.00$140.00 
HN 114Mallard Drake, standing - flambe'1913-965½"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 2661Mountain Sheep1960-695"$300.00$162.00 Photo
HN 2539Persian Cat Seated- Style One1940-19685"$500.00$400.00 
HN 2508Sealyham Seated1938-593"$200.00$122.00 Photo
HN 2655Siamese Cat Seated- Style One1960-19855½"$125.00$100.00 
K Series Animals
K 1Bulldog Seated- Style One1931-19772½"$125.00$100.00 
DB 40Aerobic Bunnykins BK-41985-882¾"$175.00$140.00 Photo
DB 13The Artist BK-21974-823¾"$275.00$148.50 Photo
DB 3Billie Bunnykins Cooling Off BK-21972-873¾"$175.00$94.50 Photo
DB 32Bogey Bunnykins BK-31985-924"$100.00$80.00 Photo
DB 187Boy Skater Bunnykins BK-6as1998 LE4¼"$140.00$75.60 Photo
DB 2Buntie Bunnykins Helping Mother BK-11972-933½"$80.00$43.20 Photo
DB 203Businessman Bunnykins BK-7s1999 LE4¾"$70.00$37.80 Photo
DB 10Busy Needles Bunnykins BK-11973-883¼"$80.00$64.00 Photo
DB 143Cheerleader Bunnykins BK-sp19944½"$250.00$135.00 Photo
DB 54Collector Bunnykins BK-5s19874¼"$475.00$256.50 Photo
DB 7Daisie Bunnykins Springtime BK-11972-833½"$275.00$148.50 Photo
DB 181Doctor Bunnykins BK-61998-004½"$55.00$29.70 Photo
DB 8Dollie Bunnykins Playtime BK-21972-934"$80.00$64.00 Photo
DB 31Downhill Bunnykins BK-51985-882½"$175.00$94.50 Photo
DB 161Jester Bunnykins BK-sp19954½"$350.00$189.00 Photo
DB 22Jogging Bunnykins BK-21983-892½"$110.00$59.40 Photo
DB 30Knockout Bunnykins BK-51985-884"$220.00$118.80 Photo
DB 16Mr Bunnybeat Strumming BK-21982-884½"$200.00$108.00 Photo
DB 5Mr Bunnykins Autumn Days BK-11972-824"$250.00$135.00 Photo
DB 5Mr Bunnykins Autumn Days BK-21972-824"$250.00$135.00 Photo
DB 234Mr Punch Bunnykins BK-11a2001 LE4¼"$125.00$67.50 Photo
DB 6Mrs Bunnykins Clean Sweep BK-11972-914"$90.00$48.60 Photo
DB 197Mystic Bunnykins BK-8a19994¾"$55.00$29.70 Photo
DB 28BOlympic Bunnykins BK-3s1984-883½"$300.00$240.00 Photo
DB 160Out For A Duck Bunnykins BK-sp19954"$350.00$189.00 Photo
DB 402Polly20063¾"$45.00$24.30 Photo
DB 11Rise and Shine Bunnykins BK-11973-883¾"$110.00$59.40 Photo
DB 57School Days Bunnykins BK-5a1987-953½"$140.00$75.60 Photo
DB 177Seaside Bunnykins BK-6s1998-983"$70.00$37.80 Photo
DB 12Tally Ho! Bunnykins BK-3-51973-883¾"$100.00$80.00 Photo
Beswick Animals
2285/1Afghan Hound "Hajubah of Davien"1969-945½"$80.00$48.00 Photo
B 962Airedale Terrier "Cast Iron Monarch)19415½"$150.00$120.00 
B 1265gArab "Xayal"19616¼"$170.00$136.00 
B 1265mArab "Xayal"19707¼"$260.00$208.00 
B 2045ABasset Hound "Fochno Trinket"19655"$90.00$72.00 
B 2536Black Beauty Foal19766"$60.00$48.00 
B 701pBois Roussel Racehorse1960-19898"$200.00$160.00 
967Cocker Spaniel “Horseshoe Primula” ?6¾"$150.00$81.00 Photo
B 946Foal (Grazing)19613¼"$140.00$112.00 
B 1813bFoal (Large Thoroughbred Type)19824½"$70.00$56.00 
B 1813pFoal (Larger Thoroughbred Type)19824½"$70.00$56.00 
B 915Foal (Lying)19613¼"$140.00$112.00 
B 997Foal (Small, Stretched, Facing Left)19613¼"$110.00$88.00 
B 815Foal (Small, Stretched, Facing Right)19613¼"$100.00$80.00 
B 1817Foal (Smaller Thoroughbred, Facing Right)1963-19753¼"$80.00$64.00 
2062/2Golden Eagle1970-729½"$200.00$108.00 Photo
972/1Greyhound "Jovial Roger"1942-906"$130.00$78.00 Photo
1360/1Hereford Cow1954-974¼"$200.00$120.00 Photo
B 1549Horse (Head Tucked, Leg Up)19617½"$150.00$120.00 
B 1812Mare (Facing Right, Head Down)19625¾"$125.00$100.00 
B 1991Mare (Facing Right, Head Up)5½"$100.00$80.00 
B 1261Palomino (Prancing Arab Type)19615½"$275.00$220.00 
B 930Parakeet19416"$125.00$100.00 
1296/1Siamese Kittens1953-632¾"$60.00$36.60 Photo
2221/1St. Bernard "Corna Garth Stroller"1968-895½"$110.00$66.00 Photo
B 855Stocky Jogging Mare19616"$200.00$160.00 
B 1643Welsh Mountain Pony "Coed Coch Madog"6¼"$400.00$320.00 
Brambly Hedge
DBH 30The Ice Ball2000 LE4¼"$240.00$129.60 Photo
Beatrix Potter
P 2061Amiable Guinea Pig BP-3b1974-833½"$225.00$137.30 Photo
P 2333/1Appley Dapply BP-3b1974-753¼"$110.00$74.80 Photo
P 2276Aunt Pettitoes BP-3b1974-853¾"$60.00$48.00 Photo
P 2803/2Benjamin Bunny Sat On A Bank BP-3b1983-853¾"$95.00$76.00 Photo
P 1941/1Cecily Parsely BP-3b1974-854"$115.00$92.00 Photo
P 2627Chippy Hackee BP-3b1979-853¾"$110.00$74.80 Photo
P 2878Cottontail BP-6a1989-963¾"$60.00$48.00 Photo
P 2284Cousin Ribby BP-3b1974-853½"$60.00$32.40 Photo
P 3200Gentleman Mouse Made A Bow BP-6a1990-963"$60.00$40.80 Photo
P 2559Ginger BP-3b1976-823¾"$550.00$297.00 Photo
P 2957Goody And Timmy Tiptoes BP-6a1989-964"$100.00$68.00 Photo
P 1675Goody Tiptoes BP-3b1974-853½"$70.00$47.60 Photo
P 3672Hiding From The Cat BP-8c1998 LE5"$175.00$94.50 Photo
P 2584/1Hunca Munca Sweeping BP-6a1977-023½"$60.00$40.80 Photo
P 1092/1Jemima Puddle-Duck BP-3a1948-024¾"$75.00$60.00 Photo
P 1183Lady Mouse BP-6a1950-004"$65.00$52.00 Photo
P 3220Lady Mouse Made A Curtsey BP-6a1990-973¼"$75.00$51.00 Photo
P 3031Little Pig Robinson Spying BP-3c1987-933½"$150.00$81.00 Photo
P 2509Mr Benjamin Bunny And Peter Rabbit BP-3b1975-954"$110.00$88.00 Photo
P 2628Mr Drake Puddle-Duck BP-3b1979-004"$75.00$60.00 Photo
P 2628Mr Drake Puddle-Duck BP-6a1979-004"$55.00$37.40 Photo
P 3090Mr Jeremy Fisher Digging BP-6a1988-943¾"$175.00$140.00 Photo
P 1942Mrs Flopsy Bunny BP-6a1965-984"$80.00$54.40 Photo
P 1200/2Mrs Rabbit BP-3b1970-024¼"$60.00$48.00 Photo
P 1107/2Mrs Tiggy-Winkle BP-6a1972-003¼"$80.00$64.00 Photo
P 3930Peter And Benjamin Picking Up Onions BP-8c2000 LE5"$225.00$121.50 Photo
P 1365/2Pigling Bland BP-6a1974-984¼"$55.00$37.40 Photo
P 2647Rebeccah Puddle-Duck BP-6a1981-003¼"$55.00$37.40 Photo
P 2508Simpkin BP-3b1975-834"$500.00$270.00 Photo
P 1102/2Squirrel Nutkin BP-6a1980-003¾"$45.00$36.00 Photo
P 2716Susan BP-3c1983-894"$350.00$238.00 Photo
P 1109Timmy Willie From Johnny Town-Mouse BP-21949-932½"$175.00$119.00 Photo
P 1109Timmy Willie From Johnny Town-Mouse BP-6a1949-932½"$90.00$72.00 Photo
P 2996Timmy Willie Sleeping BP-6a1986-961¼"$70.00$56.00 Photo
P 3030Tom Kitten And Butterfly BP-3c1987-943½"$275.00$187.00 Photo
Beatrix Potter Wall Plaques
P 2594Jemima Puddle-Duck With Foxy Whiskered Gentleman BP-31977-827½"$175.00$94.50 Photo

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