Nao Figurines
by Lladro

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A Big Hug6 1/2''$60.00$45.00 Photo
A Friend In Need6 1/2''$80.00$60.00 
A Mother's Touch13 x 8 ''$175.00$131.30 
Asian Boy Leaning Over (Matte)11 1/2''$245.00$93.10 Photo
Boy Holding Bird10 3/4''$195.00$74.10 Photo
Boy Holding Dog10''$175.00$66.50 Photo
Boy Jester Petting Cat9''$295.00$112.10 Photo
Boy Playing Flute7''$195.00$74.10 Photo
Boy Putting On Pajamas8 1/2''$110.00$41.80 Photo
Boy With Bird On Toe6 1/4''$155.00$58.90 Photo
Boy With Dog7 1/2''$275.00$104.50 Photo
Boy With Flyswatter (Matte)11 1/2''$235.00$89.30 Photo
Boy With Gourds7 3/4''$185.00$70.30 Photo
Cavalier8 3/4''$240.00$91.20 Photo
Cheer Me Up9 1/2''$397.00$297.80 
Clown6''$115.00$43.70 Photo
Clown8''$235.00$89.30 Photo
Dog And Cat In Harmony4 1/4''$70.00$52.50 Photo
Faithful Confidante8''$115.00$86.30 
Girl Combing Hair9''$125.00$93.80 
Girl Kissing7 1/4''$125.00$93.80 
Girl Praying9 1/2''$60.00$45.00 Photo
Girl With Basket Of Sweets10 1/4''$100.00$75.00 
Girl With Bunnies6 1/2''$175.00$66.50 Photo
Girl With Clown Doll9''$235.00$89.30 Photo
Girl With Dove10 3/4''$195.00$74.10 Photo
Girl With Flower12''$275.00$104.50 Photo
Girl With Goose11''$100.00$75.00 
Girl With Hoop7 1/2''$135.00$51.30 Photo
Girl With Slate7 1/2''$125.00$93.80 
Girl With Violin7 1/2''$75.00$39.00 Photo
Girl Yawning11 1/2''$80.00$60.00 Photo
Goose13 1/4 ''$60.00$24.60 Photo
Goose9 ''$60.00$24.60 Photo
I'm Full!4 ''$55.00$41.30 
Jester Playing Lute13 1/2''$450.00$171.00 Photo
Little Duck5 ''$30.00$12.30 Photo
Little Duck2 3/4''$35.00$13.30 Photo
Little Visitor (Retired)''$85.00$63.80 
Milkmaid7 1/2''$195.00$74.10 Photo
My Dog Does Tricks9 1/2''$110.00$82.50 
My Little Bouquet12 3/4 x 4 ''$95.00$71.30 
My Teddy Bear7''$70.00$38.50 Photo
Nurse13 ''$145.00$108.80 
Playing Nurse5''$100.00$75.00 Photo
Playing With Dove (Retired)10 1/2''$110.00$82.50 
Please, Please8''$70.00$52.50 
Scornful Girl7 3/4''$125.00$93.80 
Swan8 1/2''$120.00$45.60 Photo
Sweet Girl9 3/4''$80.00$41.60 Photo
Time To Pray8 1/2''$70.00$52.50 Photo
Waiting For My Love9 1/2''$135.00$101.30 
Wanna Play?7 1/2''$55.00$41.30 Photo
We're Sleepy8''$65.00$29.30 Photo
Woman With Flowers And Watering Can (Matte)10 3/4''$225.00$85.50 Photo