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(O) = 1 of the original 21

(R) = Retired

(S) = Suspended

(D) = Discontinued

(A) = Annual

Cat# Name Tmk Retail Price Your Price
408808Autumn's PraiseFLM$200.00$78.00 Photo
102253Connie (L)OLB$305.00$88.50 Photo
E-6214GDebbie (S)NM$275.00$79.80 Photo
417785May You Have An Old Fashioned ChristmasVSL$200.00$48.00 Photo
12475P.D. (S)NM$93.00$29.80 Photo
408794Summer's JoyFLM$200.00$108.00 Photo
E-5397Timmy (S)CRS$185.00$42.60 Photo
12483Trish (S)OLB$87.00$52.20 Photo
408786The Voice Of SpringFLM$200.00$120.00 Photo
408816Winter's SongFLM$200.00$120.00 Photo
427527You Have Touched So Many HeartsFLM$155.00$93.00 Photo
E-5646Come Let Us Adore Him (A)NM$65.00$27.30 Photo
E-0102But Love Goes On Forever (A)TRI$105.00$23.10 Photo
E-0102But Love Goes On Forever (A)HRG$100.00$16.00 Photo
E-0202But Love Goes On Forever (A)HRG$75.00$16.50 Photo
E-6901Collection Plaque (S)CRS$58.00$13.30 Photo
Sugar Town Figurines
272825Aunt Bulah And Uncle Sam (R)SWD$45.00$15.80 Photo
272817Aunt Cleo (R)SWD$30.00$9.30 Photo
529486Aunt Ruth And Aunt Dorothy (R)GCL$48.00$36.00 Photo
150223Bird Bath (R)SHP$20.00$11.80 Photo
184152Bonfire (R)HRT$22.00$14.30 Photo
150207Bus Stop Sign (R)SHP$20.00$5.80 Photo
529621Chapel Nightlight (R)GCL$185.00$138.80 Photo
529621Chapel Nightlight (R)BFY$180.00$46.80 Photo
272809Chuck - Marquee With Boy, Snowball Sign (B)SWD$45.00$8.10 Photo
533203Cobblestone Bridge (R)TRP$33.00$19.50 Photo
533149Curved Sidewalk (R)TRP$25.00$10.00 Photo
529869Doctor's Office Night Light (R)TRP$125.00$32.50 Photo
531871Donny (R)SHP$40.00$16.80 Photo
529850Dr. Sam Sugar (R)TRP$35.00$14.70 Photo
529435Dusty (R)BFY$38.00$20.50 Photo
528684Evergreen Tree (R)GCL$48.00$11.00 Photo
529796Fence (R)BFY$23.00$5.10 Photo
150215Fire Hydrant (R)SHP$19.00$6.50 Photo
184136Flag Pole (R)HRT$25.00$5.50 Photo
528064Free Christmas Puppies (R)TRP$45.00$24.80 Photo
529516Grandfather (R)GCL$43.00$15.50 Photo
184098Hank And Sharon (R)HRT$40.00$23.60 Photo
272833Heather (R)SWD$35.00$10.90 Photo
184144Hot Cocoa Stand (R)HRT$25.00$16.30 Photo
529605House - Night Light (R)TRP$120.00$26.40 Photo
529826Jan (R)TRP$43.00$26.20 Photo
529818Leon And Evelyn Mae (R)TRP$35.00$26.30 Photo
529818Leon And Evelyn Mae (R)HRT$30.00$22.50 Photo
150150Lighted Train Station (R)SHP$175.00$49.00 Photo
150150Lighted Train Station (R)HRT$165.00$34.70 Photo
192341Lighted Warming Hut (R)HRT$95.00$20.90 Photo
150185Luggage Cart (R)SHP$28.00$9.20 Photo
531847Mailbox (R)TRP$18.00$6.10 Photo
272841Merry-Go-Round (R)SWD$35.00$10.90 Photo
529508Nativity (R)GCL$65.00$27.30 Photo
529540Park Bench (R)SHP$28.00$21.00 Photo
529494Philip (R)GCL$48.00$32.60 Photo
150177Railroad Crossings Sign (R)SHP$22.00$4.80 Photo
150169Sam (A)SHP$45.00$7.20 Photo
529567Sam Butcher (B)GCL$205.00$49.20 Photo
529842Sam Butcher (A)BFY$85.00$21.30 Photo
529443Sam's Car (R)BFY$50.00$24.00 Photo
530468Sam's House - Ornament (A)TRP$28.00$5.30 Photo
528668Sammy (R)TRP$40.00$14.80 Photo
272876Schoolhouse Collector's Set (B)SWD$255.00$153.00 Photo
533173Single Tree (R)TRP$33.00$18.20 Photo
533173Single Tree (R)SHP$30.00$20.40 Photo
184047Skating Pond (R)HRT$65.00$23.40 Photo
184020Skating Sign (L)HRT$28.00$10.90 Photo
529788Stork With Baby Sam (A)TRP$60.00$28.80 Photo
533157Straight Sidewalk (R)TRP$25.00$7.80 Photo
532185Street Sign (R)SHP$23.00$7.10 Photo
533165Sugar And Her Dog House (R)TRP$33.00$10.90 Photo
530484Sugar Town Chapel - Ornament (A)BFY$28.00$5.60 Photo
456217Sugar Town Post Office (A)EYE$305.00$180.00 Photo
532908Sugar Town Square Clock (R)TRP$125.00$93.80 Photo
531812Tammy And Debbie (R)SHP$37.00$22.20 Photo
531812Tammy And Debbie (R)HRT$35.00$11.20 Photo
184101Train Station Ornament (L)HRT$35.00$7.00 Photo
177083A Perfect Display Of Fifteen Happy Years (A)SHP$425.00$136.00 Photo
E-2806Christmas Is A Time To Share (R)HRG$190.00$41.80 Photo
E-2806Christmas Is A Time To Share (R)CRS$175.00$38.50 Photo
E-2810Come Let Us Adore Him (S)CRS$152.00$48.60 Photo
E-2807Crown Him Lord Of All (S)NM$195.00$146.30 Photo
522244Do Not Open Till Christmas (S)GCL$140.00$74.20 Photo
15504God Sent You Just In Time (R)DVE$125.00$85.00 Photo
E-5204The Hand That Rocks The Future (R)DVE$113.00$47.50 Photo
E-5204The Hand That Rocks The Future (R)B&A$103.00$23.70 Photo
112402I'm Sending You A White Christmas (R)CED$155.00$37.20 Photo
E-2809Jesus Is Born (S)FSH$170.00$54.40 Photo
E-2346Let Heaven And Nature Sing (S)HRG$180.00$57.60 Photo
521507The Light Of The World Is Jesus (R)FLM$100.00$75.00 Photo
521507The Light Of The World Is Jesus (R)BFY$93.00$69.80 Photo
E-7180The Lord Bless You And Keep You (R)SWD$200.00$44.00 Photo
12165Lord, Keep My Life In Tune (S)OLB$165.00$79.20 Photo
E-7185Love Is Sharing (R)FSH$245.00$53.90 Photo
E-7185Love Is Sharing (R)DVE$230.00$138.00 Photo
E-5206My Guardian Angel (S)NM$155.00$58.90 Photo
101702Our First Christmas Together (R)GCL$95.00$45.60 Photo
109746Peace On Earth (S)FLW$175.00$40.30 Photo
E-7184The Purr-Fect Grandma (S)NM$135.00$43.20 Photo
E-5645Rejoice O Earth (R)DVE$140.00$30.80 Photo
E-5645Rejoice O Earth (R)FLW$125.00$93.80 Photo
E-0519Sharing Our Season Together (R)FSH$225.00$58.50 Photo
E-0519Sharing Our Season Together (R)OLB$195.00$93.60 Photo
15814Silent Night (S)B&A$105.00$23.10 Photo
15814Silent Night (S)FLM$100.00$22.00 Photo
523682This Day Has Been Made In Heaven (R)GCL$105.00$24.20 Photo
E-0520Wee Three Kings (S)FSH$155.00$74.40 Photo
E-0520Wee Three Kings (S)CRS$145.00$46.40 Photo
E-5394Wishing You A Merry Christmas (S)CRS$155.00$49.60 Photo
526916Wishing You Were Here (R)BFY$170.00$127.50 Photo
Tree Toppers
617334Rejoice, O Earth (A)FLM$200.00$44.00 Photo
527726But The Greatest Of These Is Love (B)GCL$38.00$7.60 Photo
15873God Sent His Love (B)DVE$40.00$8.80 Photo
E-5211God Understands (R)NM$75.00$20.30 Photo
E-5211God Understands (R)CRS$50.00$37.50 Photo
E-5208Jesus Loves Me (S)NM$75.00$26.30 Photo
E-7175The Lord Bless You And Keep You (S)DVE$38.00$28.50 Photo
109835Love Is The Best Gift Of All (B)CED$35.00$7.70 Photo
522821Oh Holy Night (B)B&A$45.00$9.90 Photo
523828Once Upon A Holy Night (B)FLM$45.00$8.60 Photo
E-0522Surrounded With Joy (B)UM$70.00$14.00 Photo
102318Wishing You A Cozy Christmas (B)OLB$35.00$7.70 Photo
E-5393Wishing You A Merry Christmas (B)CRS$50.00$19.00 Photo
530174Wishing You The Sweetest Christmas (B)BFY$40.00$8.00 Photo
604216You're As Pretty As A Christmas Tree (B)TRP$40.00$9.60 Photo
527718But The Greatest Of These Is Love (B)GCL$28.00$9.00 Photo
13293Mother Sew Dear (R)DVE$30.00$4.80 Photo
13293Mother Sew Dear (R)CED$26.00$7.30 Photo
523844Once Upon A Holy Night (B)FLM$28.00$9.00 Photo
523534I Will Cherish The Old Rugged Cross (B)FLM$40.00$24.00 Photo
528617Make A Joyful Noise (B)GCL$43.00$15.10 Photo
525960We Are God's Workmanship (B)VSL$40.00$21.60 Photo
Covered Boxes
335606JulyEYE$30.00$14.40 Photo
335584MayEYE$30.00$14.40 Photo
335665NovemberEYE$30.00$20.40 Photo
Night Lights
528196Circus Tent (S)TRP$115.00$36.80 Photo
16020God Bless You With Rainbows (S)DVE$155.00$105.40 Photo
Picture Frames
E-0521Blessed Are The Pure In Heart (S)FSH$75.00$56.30 Photo
E-7242The Purr-Fect Grandma (S)HRG$65.00$48.80 Photo
Candle Climbers
E-2344Joy To The World (S)NM$135.00$101.30 Photo
Wall Hangings
523437Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit, For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven (L)GCL$135.00$27.00 Photo
523380Blessed Are They That Mourn, For They Shall be Comforted (L)GCL$95.00$19.00 Photo

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