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(O) = 1 of the original 21

(R) = Retired

(S) = Suspended

(D) = Discontinued

(A) = Annual

Cat# Name Tmk Retail Price Your Price
53084015 Years, Tweet Music Together (A)BFY$30.00$11.40 Photo
45131220 Years And the Vision's Still The Same (A)EYE$30.00$11.40 Photo
121010All Wrapped Up In The SeasonBOX$22.50$13.10 Photo
225290Always In His Care (A)NM$15.00$3.30 Photo
121052Angel Jingle BellNM$17.50$10.20 Photo
102407Angel Of Mercy (S)VSL$65.00$45.50 Photo
15903Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)DVE$35.00$16.80 Photo
102512Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)OLB$33.00$19.50 Photo
112843Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)CRN$30.00$22.50 Photo
115282Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)FLW$35.00$9.50 Photo
142727Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)SHP$28.00$7.60 Photo
523194Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)B&A$35.00$16.80 Photo
523798Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)FLM$30.00$15.00 Photo
527084Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)VSL$30.00$7.80 Photo
527483Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)GCL$35.00$11.90 Photo
530263Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)TRP$33.00$13.50 Photo
530859Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)BFY$28.00$9.00 Photo
810006Baby's First Christmas - Boy (B)PMH$20.00$8.80 Photo
E-2372Baby's First Christmas - Boy (S)UM$48.00$14.40 Photo
E-5631Baby's First Christmas - Boy (S)HRG$60.00$25.20 Photo
15911Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)DVE$35.00$23.80 Photo
102504Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)OLB$33.00$22.40 Photo
142719Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)SHP$28.00$6.70 Photo
183938Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)HRT$25.00$8.80 Photo
520241Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)FLW$28.00$9.00 Photo
523208Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)B&A$35.00$14.00 Photo
523771Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)FLM$30.00$6.60 Photo
527475Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)GCL$35.00$11.60 Photo
530255Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)TRP$33.00$15.50 Photo
530867Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)BFY$28.00$12.60 Photo
730092Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)EGG$28.00$19.00 Photo
810005Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)PMH$20.00$14.40 Photo
910005Baby's First Christmas - Girl (B)WHT$22.50$18.00 Photo
E-2362Baby's First Christmas - Girl (S)OLB$50.00$13.50 Photo
E-5632Baby's First Christmas - Girl (S)TRI$80.00$38.40 Photo
101006Baby's First Christmas (boy) (B)TRE$22.50$8.10 Photo
121006Baby's First Christmas (boy)BOX$22.50$13.10 Photo
101005Baby's First Christmas (girl) (B)TRE$22.50$9.90 Photo
121005Baby's First Christmas (girl)BOX$22.50$13.10 Photo
131006Baby's First Christmas- BoyIFL$25.00$18.00 Photo
141006Baby's First Christmas- boyPMC$25.00$22.50 Photo
151006Baby's First Christmas- boyANG$25.00$22.50 Photo
161006Baby's First Christmas- boyODO$25.00$25.00 
131005Baby's First Christmas- GirlIFL$25.00$16.00 Photo
141005Baby's First Christmas- girlPMC$25.00$20.00 Photo
151005Baby's First Christmas- girlANG$25.00$22.50 Photo
161005Baby's First Christmas- girlODO$25.00$25.00 
117790Bea-ver-y Good This Year (B)TPF$25.00$12.00 Photo
104515Bear The Good News Of Christmas (B)CED$40.00$17.60 Photo
PM-890Beatitude Ornament Series (Set of 7) (R)UM$300.00$69.00 Photo
PM-864Birds Of A Feather Collect Together (A)OLB$165.00$52.80 Photo
477745Birthday Circus Train Set of 7EYE$120.00$48.00 Photo
E-0518Blessed Are The Pure In Heart (B)FSH$50.00$16.00 Photo
E-5392Blessed Are The Pure In Heart (B)CRS$40.00$14.00 Photo
810003Blessings Of Peace To You (B)PMH$30.00$9.30 Photo
528226Bringing You A Merry Christmas (S)TRP$33.00$12.50 Photo
525057Bundles Of Joy (A)FLM$33.00$14.50 Photo
E-5627But Love Goes On Forever (S)FSH$110.00$66.00 Photo
E-5628But Love Goes On Forever (S)FSH$125.00$40.00 Photo
527734But The Greatest Of These Is Love (B)GCL$48.00$15.80 Photo
E-2386Camel, Donkey, And Cow (S)HRG$100.00$48.00 Photo
272698Cane You Join Us For Christmas (B)SWD$33.00$22.40 Photo
272728Cane You Join Us For Christmas (B)SWD$38.00$7.60 Photo
113999Cheers To The Leader (S)FLM$37.00$25.20 Photo
520462Christmas Is Ruff Without You (B)B&A$38.00$19.40 Photo
521116Christmas Is Something To Roar About - age 5 (S)EYE$25.00$5.50 Photo
521124Christmas Keeps Looking Up - age 6 (S)EYE$25.00$6.50 Photo
710003Dancing For Joy On Christmas Morning (B)HMR$30.00$5.40 Photo
521574Dashing Through The Snow (S)FLM$38.00$11.00 Photo
521590Don't Let The Holidays Get You Down (R)TRP$50.00$14.50 Photo
530441Dr. Sugar's Office Ornament (A)SHP$28.00$6.70 Photo
E-2369Dropping In For Christmas (R)NM$100.00$42.00 Photo
E-2369Dropping In For Christmas (R)CRS$70.00$18.90 Photo
E-2369Dropping In For Christmas (R)DVE$68.00$15.00 Photo
E-2369Dropping In For Christmas (R)OLB$65.00$20.80 Photo
E-2369Dropping In For Christmas (R)UM$100.00$22.00 Photo
E-2376Dropping Over For Christmas (R)FSH$70.00$20.30 Photo
E-2376Dropping Over For Christmas (R)CRS$65.00$17.60 Photo
E-2376Dropping Over For Christmas (R)DVE$60.00$10.80 Photo
160334GAn Event Filled With Sunshine And Smiles (B)SHP$78.00$58.50 
529974An Event For All Seasons (A)BFY$30.00$9.90 Photo
128295AAn Event Showered With Love (B)TRP$110.00$82.50 
E-2368The First Noel (R)FSH$85.00$18.70 Photo
E-2368The First Noel (R)CRS$80.00$18.40 Photo
522937Friends Never Drift Apart (R)FLM$45.00$21.60 Photo
521566Glide Through The Holidays (R)FLM$48.00$23.00 Photo
521094God Bless You This Christmas - age 2 (S)EYE$25.00$5.50 Photo
113972God Sent You Just In Time (S)FLW$45.00$17.10 Photo
183881God's Precious GiftHRT$30.00$7.80 Photo
524131Good Friends Are For Always (R)GCL$38.00$28.50 Photo
524131Good Friends Are For Always (R)BFY$35.00$21.00 Photo
527165The Good Lord Always Delivers (S)VSL$45.00$21.60 Photo
520349A Growing Love (L)FLW$85.00$18.70 Photo
520292Hang On For The Holly Days (B)FLW$40.00$12.00 Photo
104796Hanging Out For The Holidays (S)CRN$28.00$17.60 Photo
15830Happiness Is The Lord (S)DVE$38.00$9.10 Photo
15830Happiness Is The Lord (S)OLB$35.00$8.40 Photo
520454Happy Holi-Daze (R)EYE$30.00$7.80 Photo
141007Happy Holly-DaysPMC$25.00$20.00 Photo
151008Happy HowlidaysANG$25.00$22.50 Photo
523224Happy Trails Is Trusting Jesus (S)VSL$38.00$12.20 Photo
131015Have A "Purr-fect" HolidayIFL$20.00$12.80 Photo
12416Have A Heavenly Christmas (R)NM$58.00$27.80 Photo
112380He Cleansed My Soul (R)CED$50.00$12.00 Photo
112380He Cleansed My Soul (R)FLM$43.00$9.50 Photo
142662He Covers The Earth With His Beauty (B)SHP$33.00$22.40 Photo
142689He Covers The Earth With His Beauty (B)SHP$45.00$13.50 Photo
521086Heaven Bless Your Special Christmas - age 3 (S)EYE$25.00$5.00 Photo
163880His Presence Is Felt In The Chapel (S)UM$32.00$6.40 Photo
141018Hold Onto Your DreamsPMC$25.00$20.00 Photo
104793Holiday Surprises Come In All Sizes - Son (S)CIH$22.00$9.90 Photo
121016Holidays So DeerBOX$20.00$11.60 Photo
104208Home Sweet Home (B)CIH$40.00$9.20 Photo
15857Honk If You Love Jesus (S)DVE$40.00$10.00 Photo
15857Honk If You Love Jesus (S)FLW$37.00$8.90 Photo
15857Honk If You Love Jesus (S)B&A$36.00$8.60 Photo
15857Honk If You Love Jesus (S)VSL$34.00$7.50 Photo
104794Hooked On The Holidays (S)CRN$28.00$12.60 Photo
522953I Believe In The Old Rugged Cross (S)B&A$48.00$10.60 Photo
111023I Woodn't Go Anywhere Without YouSCR$22.50$20.30 Photo
455660I'll Be Dog-ged It's That Season Again (B)EYE$25.00$15.00 Photo
E-2359I'll Play My Drum For Him (B)HRG$95.00$64.60 Photo
455776I'm Just Nutty About The Holidays (R)EYE$28.00$19.00 Photo
520411I'm Nuts About You (B)GCL$28.00$11.80 Photo
455628I'm Sending You A Merry Christmas (B)EYE$35.00$23.80 Photo
112372I'm Sending You A White Christmas (S)CED$35.00$26.30 Photo
112372I'm Sending You A White Christmas (S)FLW$33.00$9.60 Photo
102415It's A Perfect Boy (S)OLB$45.00$17.10 Photo
528846It's So Uplifting To Have A Friend Like You (R)BFY$33.00$15.80 Photo
E-0537Jesus Is The Light That Shines (S)FSH$60.00$36.00 Photo
150126Joy From Head To Mistletoe (S)SHP$28.00$15.10 Photo
150320Joy To The World (R)HRT$38.00$25.80 Photo
E-2343Joy To The World (S)NM$75.00$45.00 Photo
E-5388Joy To The World (R)CRS$65.00$12.40 Photo
E-5388Joy To The World (R)OLB$53.00$12.70 Photo
E-5388Joy To The World (R)CED$50.00$14.00 Photo
E-0532Let Heaven And Nature Sing (R)CRS$51.00$14.80 Photo
E-0532Let Heaven And Nature Sing (R)DVE$49.00$13.20 Photo
E-0532Let Heaven And Nature Sing (R)OLB$45.00$15.80 Photo
E-5629Let the Heavens Rejoice (B)TRI$250.00$170.00 Photo
151025Lift Every Voice and SingANG$25.00$22.50 Photo
121003Light Your Heart With Christmas JoyBOX$30.00$17.40 Photo
129275Lighting The Way To A Happy Holiday (S)HRT$38.00$25.80 Photo
102423Lord Keep Me On My Toes (R)FLW$50.00$37.50 Photo
102423Lord Keep Me On My Toes (R)FLM$45.00$9.00 Photo
525332Lord Keep Me On My Toes (R)GCL$33.00$8.90 Photo
E-5391Love Is Kind (S)CRS$50.00$14.50 Photo
E-0535Love Is Patient (Boy) (S)CRS$60.00$28.80 Photo
E-0536Love Is Patient (Girl) (S)FSH$70.00$32.20 Photo
109770Love Is The Best Gift Of All (B)CED$50.00$25.00 Photo
111003Love Is The Best Gift Of All (B)SCR$30.00$13.20 Photo
184209Love Makes The World Go Round (A)HRT$55.00$41.30 Photo
522929Love One Another (R)B&A$45.00$30.60 Photo
102385Love Rescued Me (R)GCL$38.00$16.00 Photo
PM-040Loving, Caring And Sharing Along The Way (A)BFY$45.00$13.50 Photo
529648The Magic Starts With You (A)GCL$30.00$11.40 Photo
522910Make A Joyful Noise (S)SHP$28.00$7.60 Photo
521302May All Your Christmases Be White (S)B&A$45.00$10.80 Photo
E-5390May God Bless You With A Perfect Season (S)CRS$35.00$13.30 Photo
531863May Joy Bloom Within You (S)TPF$20.00$12.60 Photo
112876May The Holidays Keep You Bright Eyed Bushy Tailed (B)CRN$25.00$12.00 Photo
523704May Your Christmas Be A Happy Home (B)FLM$40.00$16.80 Photo
15849May Your Christmas Be Delightful (S)DVE$45.00$15.30 Photo
15849May Your Christmas Be Delightful (S)FLM$37.00$8.90 Photo
15849RMay Your Christmas Be Delightful (L)STR$45.00$14.40 Photo
521108May Your Christmas Be Gigantic - age 4 (S)EYE$25.00$11.00 Photo
15822May Your Christmas Be Happy (S)DVE$55.00$17.60 Photo
15822May Your Christmas Be Happy (S)FLW$45.00$17.10 Photo
524174May Your Christmas Be Merry (B)VSL$40.00$27.20 Photo
526940May Your Christmas Be Merry (B)VSL$50.00$13.50 Photo
470279May Your Christmas Be Warm - BabyEYE$25.00$8.00 Photo
587818May Your Wishes For Peace Take Wing (B)STR$30.00$20.40 Photo
150134Merry Chrismoose (B)SHP$35.00$16.80 Photo
521078Merry Christmas Little Lamb - age 1 (S)EYE$25.00$6.30 Photo
532223Merry Giftness (A)STR$28.00$21.00 Photo
212520The Most Precious Gift Of Them All (A)HRT$40.00$8.80 Photo
E-0514Mother Sew Dear (R)CRS$31.00$7.10 Photo
E-0514Mother Sew Dear (R)DVE$31.00$7.40 Photo
E-0514Mother Sew Dear (R)BFY$22.00$7.30 Photo
E-0514Mother Sew Dear (R)TRP$22.00$7.00 Photo
E-2381Mouse With Cheese (S)HRG$130.00$28.60 Photo
E-2381Mouse With Cheese (S)FSH$110.00$24.20 Photo
101002My Hope Is In You (B)TRE$22.50$9.90 Photo
101003My Hope Is In You (B)TRE$30.00$11.70 Photo
114006My Love Will Never Let You Go (S)FLW$40.00$8.80 Photo
E-0531O Come All Ye Faithful (S)CRS$55.00$12.10 Photo
522848Oh Holy Night (B)B&A$38.00$25.80 Photo
523852Once Upon A Holy Night (B)FLM$35.00$23.80 Photo
737569One Good Turn Deserves AnotherEGG$28.00$13.40 Photo
527327Onward Christmas Soldiers (R)TRP$40.00$6.40 Photo
527327Onward Christmas Soldiers (R)HRT$35.00$6.30 Photo
102350Our First Christmas Together (B)OLB$35.00$16.10 Photo
111004Our First Christmas Together (B)SCR$27.50$16.00 Photo
112399Our First Christmas Together (B)CED$35.00$23.80 Photo
112841Our First Christmas Together (B)CRN$35.00$14.70 Photo
117786Our First Christmas Together (B)TPF$30.00$7.80 Photo
121004Our First Christmas TogetherBOX$27.50$16.00 Photo
131004Our First Christmas TogetherIFL$30.00$19.20 Photo
142700Our First Christmas Together (B)SHP$30.00$6.60 Photo
183911Our First Christmas Together (B)HRT$30.00$12.60 Photo
520233Our First Christmas Together (B)FLW$28.00$13.40 Photo
521558Our First Christmas Together (B)B&A$38.00$16.00 Photo
522945Our First Christmas Together (B)VSL$28.00$13.40 Photo
525324Our First Christmas Together (B)FLM$30.00$8.10 Photo
528870Our First Christmas Together (B)GCL$33.00$6.30 Photo
529206Our First Christmas Together (B)TRP$28.00$8.10 Photo
530506Our First Christmas Together (B)BFY$35.00$8.40 Photo
587796Our First Christmas Together (B)STR$30.00$6.90 Photo
610004Our First Christmas Together (B)HSE$25.00$10.00 Photo
710004Our First Christmas Together (B)HMR$25.00$4.50 Photo
810004Our First Christmas Together (B)PMH$25.00$7.80 Photo
878855Our First Christmas Together (B)SAN$35.00$7.70 Photo
910004Our First Christmas Together (B)WHT$27.50$17.60 Photo
4003163Our First Christmas Together (D)BRD$20.00$8.00 Photo
E-2385Our First Christmas Together (S)CRS$58.00$43.50 Photo
E-2385Our First Christmas Together (S)OLB$52.00$39.00 Photo
128708Owl Be Home For Christmas (B)HRT$30.00$7.80 Photo
272949Pack your Trunk For The Holidays (B)SWD$30.00$10.20 Photo
810007Peace Be Within You (B)PMH$25.00$7.80 Photo
131007Peace On EarthIFL$25.00$20.30 Photo
177091Peace On Earth (A)UM$38.00$9.90 Photo
523062Peace On Earth (B)B&A$68.00$28.60 Photo
131002Peace On Earth And Goodwill To AllIFL$25.00$16.00 Photo
131003Peace On Earth And Goodwill To AllIFL$30.00$19.20 Photo
183350Peace On Earth... Anyway (B)HRT$43.00$10.80 Photo
183369Peace On Earth... Anyway (B)HRT$25.00$10.50 Photo
272892Puppies With Sled (R)SWD$28.00$10.60 Photo
151009Pur-fect LoveANG$25.00$22.50 Photo
4024082The Purr-fect Gift (D)BRD$20.00$9.00 Photo
E-0516The Purr-Fect Grandma (R)VSL$30.00$18.00 Photo
102466Reindeer (B)OLB$175.00$45.50 Photo
113980Rejoice O Earth (R)FLW$50.00$24.00 Photo
102474Rocking Horse (S)CED$45.00$21.60 Photo
102474Rocking Horse (S)FLW$45.00$21.60 Photo
456004Saying 'Oui' To Our Love (S)EYE$25.00$8.80 Photo
528218Sending You A White Christmas (R)SHP$35.00$16.80 Photo
528218Sending You A White Christmas (R)HRT$35.00$10.20 Photo
102431Serve With A Smile (S)OLB$45.00$19.40 Photo
102458Serve With A Smile (S)OLB$40.00$9.60 Photo
PM-037Sharing The Good News Together (A)VSL$85.00$27.20 Photo
102288Shepherd Of Love (S)OLB$50.00$16.00 Photo
102288Shepherd Of Love (S)CED$48.00$11.50 Photo
587788Slide Into The Next Millennium With Joy (B)STR$30.00$16.20 Photo
520489Slow Down And Enjoy The Holidays (B)BFY$35.00$18.90 Photo
272760Slow Down For The Holidays (B)SWD$30.00$9.60 Photo
113964Smile Along The Way (S)FLW$50.00$11.00 Photo
520446Sno-Ball Without You (B)SAN$25.00$7.50 Photo
520438Sno-Bunny Falls For You Like I Do (B)VSL$35.00$8.40 Photo
272922Somebody Cares (A)SWD$12.00$4.60 Photo
E-0513Surround Us With Joy (B)FSH$80.00$47.20 Photo
531685Surrounded With Joy (S)SWD$20.00$15.00 Photo
520470Take A Bow 'Cuz You're My Christmas Star (A)TRP$28.00$21.00 Photo
720009Teacher, You Are My Shining StarPMH$20.00$7.80 Photo
E-0533Tell Me The Story Of Jesus (S)FSH$56.00$38.10 Photo
528021There's A Christian Welcome Here (S)TRP$40.00$27.20 Photo
115320Time To Wish You A Merry Christmas (B)FLW$55.00$37.40 Photo
E-0515To A Special Dad (S)CRS$53.00$36.00 Photo
113956To My Forever Friend (R)FLM$39.00$29.30 Photo
E-0534To Thee With Love (R)FSH$60.00$14.40 Photo
E-0534To Thee With Love (R)B&A$44.00$8.40 Photo
475106Toy Maker (R)NM$45.00$30.60 Photo
102377Trust And Obey (R)VSL$40.00$8.80 Photo
102377Trust And Obey (R)HRT$35.00$7.40 Photo
E-2371Unicorn (R)DVE$98.00$73.50 Photo
E-2371Unicorn (R)FLW$85.00$57.80 Photo
131031Unto Us A Child Is BornIFL$30.00$19.20 Photo
E-5630Unto Us A Child Is Born (S)HRG$82.00$49.20 Photo
112364Waddle I Do Without You (R)VSL$35.00$6.70 Photo
112364Waddle I Do Without You (R)TRP$33.00$7.30 Photo
E-6120We Have Seen His Star (R)HRG$70.00$18.90 Photo
E-6120We Have Seen His Star (R)CRS$60.00$14.40 Photo
183903When The Skatings Ruff, Try Prayer (S)HRT$20.00$6.20 Photo
531200Wishing You A Bear-ie Merry Christmas (B)HRT$28.00$7.30 Photo
161002Wishing You A Beautiful ChristmasODO$25.00$25.00 
181009Wishing You A Cool YuleROC$27.50$27.50 
102326Wishing You A Cozy Christmas (B)OLB$35.00$18.90 Photo
E-5387Wishing You A Merry Christmas (B)CRS$40.00$15.20 Photo
520497Wishing You A Purr-Fect Holiday (B)FLM$38.00$8.40 Photo
530190Wishing You The Sweetest Christmas (B)BFY$38.00$18.20 Photo
530212Wishing You The Sweetest Christmas (B)BFY$43.00$32.30 Photo
492140You Always Stand Behind MeEGG$50.00$34.00 Photo
520276You Are My Gift Come True (B)FLW$28.00$7.80 Photo
PM-041You Are The End Of My Rainbow (A)TRP$45.00$10.40 Photo
881147You Decorate My Life (L)SAN$35.00$23.80 Photo
112356You Have Touched So Many Hearts (R)CED$45.00$9.90 Photo
151002You Make The Season One Of A KindANG$25.00$22.50 Photo
150142You're 'A' Number One In My Book Teacher (R)SHP$35.00$11.20 Photo
530387You're As Pretty As A Christmas Tree (B)TRP$38.00$18.20 Photo
530395You're As Pretty As A Christmas Tree (B)TRP$33.00$22.40 Photo
250112You're My Number One Friend (A)NM$15.00$3.60 Photo
151013You're So SweetANG$25.00$22.50 Photo
151014You're So SweetANG$25.00$22.50 Photo

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