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Ebeling And Reuss -- Christmas
1979Christmas Carols$30.00$16.00photo
Edgerton -- Bicentennial - Leyendecker
1976The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere$25.00$16.00photo
Edna Hibel Studios -- David
1981David The King$180.00$61.20photo
Edna Hibel Studios -- Edna Hibel's Holiday Treasures
2001A Blessed Holiday$75.00$38.30photo
Edna Hibel Studios -- Eroica
Edna Hibel Studios -- Flower Girl Annual
Edna Hibel Studios -- Mother And Child
1973Colette And Child$275.00$88.00photo
1975Kristina And Child$100.00$30.00photo
1977Lucia And Child$60.00$16.00photo
1978Kathleen And Child$100.00$21.00photo
Edna Hibel Studios -- Mother's Day Annual
1984Abby And Lisa$60.00$18.00photo
1985Erica And Jamie$60.00$16.00photo
1986Emily And Jennifer$60.00$16.20photo
1987Catherine And Heather$75.00$24.00photo
1989Jessica And Kate$100.00$23.00photo
1991Michele And Anna$95.00$19.00photo
2003Cora And Linda$75.00$36.00photo
Edna Hibel Studios -- The Nobility Of Children
1976La Contessa Isabella$95.00$27.60photo
1977Le Marquis Maurice Pierre$95.00$23.80photo
1978Baronesse Johanna-Marÿke Van Volendam Tot Marken$115.00$36.80photo
1979Chief Red Feather$130.00$32.50photo
Edna Hibel Studios -- Nordic Families
1987A Tender Moment$79.00$30.00photo
Edna Hibel Studios -- A Tribute To All Children
Edna Hibel Studios -- The World I Love
Enesco -- Precious Moments Open Editions
1997Good Friends Are Forever$35.00$16.00photo
Enesco -- Wings Of Wonder Collection: Birds Of North America
1986Noble Spirit: The Ring-Necked Pheasant$40.00$16.00photo
Enesco -- Wings Of Wonder Collection: Water Birds
1986Swift Flight: The Mallard$40.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Commemoratives by Susie Morton
1982Marilyn Monroe$125.00$31.30photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Elvis Remembered
1987The Early Years$105.00$21.00photo
1988Rockin' In The Moonlight$100.00$23.00photo
1988Elvis Presley$75.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Fondest Memories
1986A Touching Moment$45.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Little Darlings
1983Winter Liebchen (Sweetheart)$30.00$16.00photo
1983Summer Liebchen (Sweetheart)$30.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Little Misses Young And Fair
1982Heart Of A Child$50.00$16.00photo
1982Heart Of A Child - artist signed$60.00$16.00photo
1983Where Wild Flowers Grow$50.00$17.50photo
1984Whispered Memories$60.00$19.80photo
1985Final Touch$60.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Love Story
1981Chapter 1$25.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Mommy And Me
1982First Tea$35.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- My Fair Ladies
1982Lady Sabrina$50.00$16.50photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Republic Pictures
1995John Wayne - The Tribute$50.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Seems Like Yesterday
1981Stop And Smell The Roses$40.00$16.00photo
1981Stop And Smell The Roses - artist signed$40.00$16.00photo
1982Home By Lunch$35.00$16.00photo
1982Home By Lunch - artist signed$40.00$16.00photo
1983Lisa's Creek$35.00$16.00photo
1983It's Got My Name On It$35.00$16.00photo
1984Little Prince$25.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- So Young, So Sweet
1982Girl With Straw Hat$35.00$16.00photo
1983My Favorite Necklace$35.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Star Trek
1984Mr. Spock$75.00$25.50photo
1985Dr. McCoy$55.00$16.00photo
1985Beam Us Down Scotty$50.00$19.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Star Trek Commemorative Collection
1987The Trouble With Tribbles$65.00$17.60photo
1987Mirror, Mirror$55.00$16.00photo
1987A Piece Of The Action$55.00$16.00photo
1987Devil In The Dark$55.00$16.00photo
1987Amok Time$55.00$16.00photo
1987The Menagerie$55.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Tribute To America's Great Artists
1978DeGrazia The Living Legend$65.00$21.50photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Turn Of The Century
1981Riverboat Honeymoon$25.00$16.00photo
1981Riverboat Honeymoon - artist signed$35.00$16.00photo
1982Children's Carousel$35.00$16.00photo
1984Balloon Race$35.00$16.00photo
Ernst Enterprises -- Women Of The West
1979Silver Dollar Sal$40.00$16.00photo
Eschenbach -- Christmas
Faience de Stamand -- Wildlife
Fairfield Collectors Group -- In Retrospect
1983200 Years Of Flight$35.00$16.00photo
Fairmont China -- America's Most Beloved
1981Portrait Of Rockwell$30.00$16.00photo
Fairmont China -- Child Of America
1979Eskimo Girl$40.00$16.00photo
Fairmont China -- Early Works Of Rockwell
1981The Inventor$25.00$16.00photo
1981The Tinkerer$25.00$16.00photo
1981Party Line$25.00$16.00photo
Fairmont China -- Famous Clowns
1977W.C. Fields$55.00$16.00photo
1979The Pledge$65.00$16.00photo
Fairmont China -- Irene Spencer Annual
1977Patient Ones$45.00$16.00photo
1978Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow$55.00$16.00photo
Fairmont China -- Memory Annual
1977Memory Plate$35.00$16.00photo
1981Memory Plate$35.00$16.00photo
1982Memory Plate$35.00$16.00photo
1983Memory Plate$35.00$16.00photo
1984Memory Plate$35.00$16.00photo
1985Memory Plate$35.00$16.00photo
Fairmont China -- Spencer Special
1978Hug Me$55.00$16.00photo
1978Sleep Little Baby$40.00$16.00photo
Fairmont China -- Timeless Moments Series
Fairmont China -- When I Grow Up
1981I'll Be Loved$25.00$16.00photo
Fenton -- American Craftsman Carnival
1970The Glassmaker$35.00$16.00photo
1971The Printer$35.00$16.00photo
1973The Shoemaker$60.00$19.80photo
1974The Pioneer Cooper$60.00$19.80photo
1975The Silversmith$60.00$19.80photo
1976The Gunsmith$60.00$19.80photo
Fenton -- Bicentennial
1976Eagle - White$25.00$16.00photo
1976Lafayette With Washington At Valley Forge - Brown$25.00$16.00photo
Fenton -- Bicentennial - A Portrait Of Liberty
1973Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death - Blue$30.00$16.00photo
1974Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness - Blue$30.00$16.00photo
1975In God We Trust - Blue$30.00$16.00photo
1976Proclaim Liberty Throughout All The Land - Blue$30.00$16.00photo
1976Proclaim Liberty Throughout All The Land - White$30.00$16.00photo
Fenton -- Christmas In America
1970Little Brown Church In The Vale - Blue Satin$30.00$18.00photo
1970Little Brown Church In The Vale - Carnival$30.00$16.00photo
1971Old Brick Church - Carnival$25.00$16.00photo
1973Saint Mary's In The Mountains - Carnival$25.00$16.00photo
1973Saint Mary's In The Mountains - White Satin$25.00$16.00photo
1974The Nation's Church - White Satin$30.00$16.00photo
1975Birthplace Of Liberty - White Satin$30.00$16.00photo
1976The Old North Church - Carnival$25.00$16.00photo
1976The Old North Church - White Satin$25.00$16.00photo
1977San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo - Carnival$30.00$16.00photo
1981San Xavier del Bac - White Satin$35.00$16.00photo
Fenton -- Mother's Day
1971Madonna With Sleeping Child - Blue Satin$30.00$16.00photo
1971Madonna With Sleeping Child - Carnival$30.00$16.00photo
1972Madonna Of The Goldfinch - Blue Satin$30.00$16.00photo
1972Madonna Of The Goldfinch - White Satin$30.00$16.00photo
Fields Collection -- Best Friends
NDMichael's New Puppy$35.00$16.00photo
Fields Collection -- Portraits Of Love
Fields Collection -- Small World
1983Jennifer's World$35.00$16.00photo
Flambro Imports -- The Emmett Kelly Jr Collection
1989Looking Back - 65th Birthday$150.00$90.00photo
Fleetwood Collection -- Christmas
1982The Shepherds$35.00$16.00photo
Fleetwood Collection -- Mother's Day
1982Whitetail Deer$35.00$16.00photo
Fleetwood Collection -- Single Issue
1986Statue Of Liberty Centennial$40.00$16.00photo
Fostoria Glass -- American Milestones
1971Betsy Ross Flag$25.00$16.00photo
Fostoria Glass -- State Plate Series
Fountainhead -- The Wings Of Freedom
1986Wings Of Freedom$850.00$93.50photo
Franciscan Masterpiece China -- Frederic Remington Series
1972The Smoke Signal$55.00$33.00photo
1973The Scout: Friends Or Enemies?$55.00$33.00photo
1974The Cowboy$55.00$33.00photo
1975Evening On A Canadian Lake$55.00$33.00photo
1976Dismounted: The 4th Troopers Moving - 1890$55.00$33.00photo
1977Stampeded By Lightning$55.00$33.00photo
Franklin Mint -- American Eagle
1992Freedom's Flight$35.00$16.00photo
1992Soaring The Rapids$35.00$16.00photo
1992Wings Of Majesty$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- American Indian Heritage
1993Breath Of Frienship$40.00$16.00photo
1993In The Beginning... Friends$40.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- The American Revolution Bicentennial Plate Collection
1976Patrick Henry Urges Armed Resistance - 1775$75.00$38.30photo
1976Capture Of Fort Ticonderoga - 1775$75.00$16.00photo
1976Battle Of Bunker Hill - 1775$75.00$16.00photo
1977Washington Crosses The Delaware - 1776$75.00$38.30photo
1977Burgoyne Defeated At Saratoga - 1777$75.00$38.30photo
1977Winter At Valley Forge - 1777$75.00$38.30photo
1977The Alliance With France - 1778$75.00$38.30photo
1977Bonhomme Richard Defeats Serapis - 1779$75.00$38.30photo
Franklin Mint -- Brothers Of The Spirit
1995Spirit of the Black Crow$35.00$16.00photo
1995Spirit of the Great Eagle$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Calendar Plates
1981Turn Of The Century Scene$35.00$16.00photo
1983Children Celebrating Victorian Months$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Carousel Horses
1991Christmas Prancer$35.00$16.00photo
1991Christmas Steed$35.00$16.00photo
1991Peaceful Prancer$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Cats By Bill Bell
NDSanta Claws$40.00$20.40photo
NDTrimmed To Perfection$40.00$24.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Christmas - Porcelain
1976Silent Night$40.00$16.00photo
1977Deck The Halls$45.00$16.00photo
1979Hark The Herald Angels Sing$45.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Cobblestone Kids
1982Making Friends$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Cottages
1992Garden Gazebo$40.00$20.40photo
1992Hollyhock Cottage$40.00$20.40photo
1992Olde Mill Cottage$40.00$20.40photo
Franklin Mint -- Diana, Princess Of Wales
1997Queen Of Compassion$45.00$16.00photo
1997England's Rose$45.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Eagles
NDProtector Of The Cosmos$35.00$16.00photo
NDProtector Of The Solar Flames$35.00$16.00photo
NDProtector Of The World$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
1992Freedom's Glory$40.00$16.00photo
1992Profile Of Freedom$40.00$16.00photo
1992The Call Of Freedom$40.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- The Grimm's Fairy Tales
1979Hansel And Gretel$42.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Hanau Doll Museum
1992Portrait Of Brigitte$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Heirloom Recommendation
1992Bob Hope - Thanks For The Memories$35.00$21.00photo
1993John Wayne, American Legend$40.00$24.00photo
1993Passion's Embrace$35.00$16.00photo
1993The Harvest of Life$40.00$16.00photo
1993The Lord Is My Shepherd$40.00$24.00photo
1995Dizzy Dean - The Great One$40.00$16.00photo
1995The Legendary Babe Ruth$40.00$16.00photo
1996Whitey Ford - The Greatest Pitcher$40.00$16.00photo
NDThe Crucifixion$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Indian Maidens
1993Maiden of the Evening Stars$40.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- International Wildlife Coalition
1995Eyes Of Winter$35.00$16.00photo
1995Pride Of The Wilderness$35.00$16.00photo
1995Sunset Serenade$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- John Wayne
NDJohn Wayne, Champion Of The West$40.00$24.00photo
NDJohn Wayne, Hero Of The West$40.00$24.00photo
NDJohn Wayne, High Country$40.00$24.00photo
NDJohn Wayne, Long Arm Of The Law$40.00$16.00photo
NDJohn Wayne, Pine Ridge$40.00$16.00photo
NDJohn Wayne, Symbol Of America's Fighter Pilots$40.00$16.00photo
NDJohn Wayne, Symbol Of America's Fighting Forces$40.00$16.00photo
NDJohn Wayne, Symbol Of America's Naval Heroes$40.00$24.00photo
NDJohn Wayne, Symbol Of The U.S. Coast Guard$40.00$24.00photo
NDJohn Wayne, The Duke$40.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Kittens by Nancy Matthews
NDEverything's Peachy$35.00$21.00photo
NDFriends Through And Through$35.00$21.00photo
NDFriendship Blossoms$35.00$21.00photo
NDSunny Day Friends$35.00$21.00photo
NDTickled Pink$35.00$21.00photo
NDTrue Blue Friends$35.00$21.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Labrador Retrievers
NDReady For Action$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Laurel Burch Contemporary Cats
1994Flowering Felines$40.00$24.00photo
1995Friendly Felines$40.00$24.00photo
1995Fair Weather Felines$40.00$24.00photo
1995Feline Family$40.00$24.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Laurel Burch Royal Doulton Cats
1996Tapestry Tabbies$45.00$27.00photo
Franklin Mint -- The Life Of Christ
1993The Baptism$40.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- The Little Rascals
1991Dog Tired$35.00$17.50photo
1991Hang On Tight$35.00$21.00photo
1991Silly Sultans$35.00$17.50photo
1991Stuck On You$35.00$17.50photo
1991The Little Rascals$35.00$21.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Mark Twain Series
1978Facing A Charging Knight$28.00$16.00photo
1978Finger Printing Pays Off$28.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- McDonald's
NDGolden Moments$40.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- National Wildlife Federation - Great Cats
1992Mountain Lions$40.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- The Poetry Of Love
1982Christina Rosetti$30.00$16.00photo
1982William Shakespeare$30.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- The Princess Grace Foundation
NDGrace De Monaco Rose Plate$35.00$17.90photo
NDMogambo Iris Plate$35.00$17.90photo
Franklin Mint -- Puppies
1996Blanket Buddies$40.00$16.00photo
1996Christmas Cheer$40.00$16.00photo
1996Double Play$40.00$16.00photo
1996Fireside Friends$40.00$16.00photo
1996Get Along, Little Doggies$40.00$16.00photo
1996Holiday Surprise$40.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- The Simpsons
1993A Family For The 90s$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Single Issues
1976The Liberty Tree - Orrefors Crystal$130.00$20.80photo
Franklin Mint -- Songbirds Of The World
1977Magnolia Warbler$55.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Songs of the Seasons
1992Song Of The Cherry Blossom$35.00$21.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Teddy Bears By Carol Lawson
1991Teddy Bear Wedding$35.00$16.00photo
1992Teddy Bear Fair$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Teddy Bears By Nita Showers
NDHats Off To Teddy!$35.00$16.00photo
NDTeddy Bear Pet Show$35.00$16.00photo
NDTeddy Bear Sewing Circle$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Teddy Bears By Sarah Bengry
1992Teddy's First Christmas$35.00$16.00photo
NDTeddy's Easter Basket$35.00$16.00photo
NDTugging At My Heartstrings$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Western Heritage Museum
1993Spirit Of The Night$35.00$16.00photo
1993Spirit Of The Skies$35.00$16.00photo
1993Spirit Of The Storm$35.00$16.00photo
1993Spirit Of The Timber Mist$35.00$16.00photo
1993Spirit Of The West Wind$35.00$16.00photo
1993Spirit Of The Winter Hawk$35.00$16.00photo
1995Charging Warrior$35.00$16.00photo
1995Free as the Wind$35.00$16.00photo
1995Medicine Crow$35.00$16.00photo
1995Proud Hunter$35.00$16.00photo
1995Triumphant Warrior$35.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Woodland Birds Of The World
1980Collared Trogon$50.00$16.00photo
Franklin Mint -- Wysocki's Lighthouses
NDLighthouse By The Bay$40.00$16.00photo
NDSteamer Boat Lighthouse$40.00$16.00photo
NDSummer Seaport$40.00$16.00photo
Frankoma Pottery -- Bicentennial
1975Victories For Independence$35.00$16.00photo
Frankoma Pottery -- Christmas
1968Flight Into Egypt$35.00$16.00photo
1969Laid In A Manger$32.00$16.00photo
1970King Of Kings$32.00$16.00photo
1971No Room In The Inn$30.00$16.00photo
1972Seeking The Christ Child$30.00$16.00photo
1973The Annunciation$30.00$16.00photo
1974She Loved And Cared$30.00$16.00photo
1975Peace On Earth$30.00$16.00photo
1976The Gift Of Love$30.00$16.00photo
Fukagawa -- Warabe No Haiku - Haiku About Children
1977Beneath The Plum Branch$35.00$16.00photo
1978Child Of Straw$35.00$16.00photo
1979Dragon Dance$40.00$16.00photo
Furstenberg -- Christmas
1972Snowy Village$30.00$16.00photo
1973Christmas Eve$30.00$16.00photo
1976Winter Birds$25.00$16.00photo
Furstenberg -- Easter
1975Easter Window$60.00$19.80photo
Furstenberg -- Mother's Day
1974Doe With Fawn$30.00$16.00photo
Furstenberg -- Olympic Series
Furstenberg -- Wild Beauties
1989At The Pond$42.00$16.00photo
1989Beside The Wall$42.00$16.00photo
1990By The Fence$42.00$16.00photo
1990In The Undergrowth$42.00$16.00photo
1990By The Cornfield$42.00$16.00photo
1991By The Castle Ruin$42.00$16.00photo
1991By The Spring$42.00$16.00photo
Georg Jensen -- The Andrew Wyeth Plate
1971The Kuerner Farm$25.00$16.00photo
Georg Jensen -- Christmas
1973Christmas Eve$35.00$16.00photo
1974Christmas Story$25.00$16.00photo
Georg Jensen -- Mother's Day
1973Mother And Child$30.00$16.00photo
1974Sweet Dreams$25.00$16.00photo
1975A Mother's World$30.00$16.00photo
Georges Boyer -- Alice In Wonderland
1981Alice And The White Rabbit$40.00$16.80photo
Ghent Collection -- Lands Of Enchantment
1984Garden Of Eden$35.00$16.00photo
1984Rainbow's End$45.00$16.00photo
1984Fountain Of Youth$45.00$18.90photo
Ghent Collection -- Lands Of Fable
1982El Dorado$35.00$16.00photo
1982Shangri La$55.00$23.10photo
Ghent Collection -- Man's Dream Of Flight
1983The Flight Of Icarus$40.00$16.00photo
1983The Vision Of Leonardo$40.00$16.00photo
1983The Barnstormers$40.00$16.00photo
Goebel -- Annual Crystal Series
1978Praying Girl$30.00$16.00photo
1979Praying Boy$30.00$16.00photo
Goebel -- ARS AG Christmas
1988Angel Duet$50.00$16.00photo
Goebel -- Bicentennial Plates
1976Bald Eagle$25.00$16.00photo
Goebel -- Charlot Byj
1973Santa At Tree$30.00$16.00photo
1974Santa And Girl$35.00$16.00photo
Goebel -- Crystal Mother's Day
Goebel -- Marks' Bird Series
NDCommon Kingfisher$30.00$16.00photo
Goebel -- Mother's Series
Goebel -- Olympics - Munich
Goebel -- Robson Christmas
1974Flight Into Egypt - Pewter$40.00$16.00photo
1974Flight Into Egypt - Porcelain$45.00$16.00photo
Goebel -- Wildlife
1975Blue Titmouse$45.00$16.00photo
1978Sea Gulls$40.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- American Artist
1976Apache Mother And Child$35.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- American Landscapes
1981Autumn Reflections$45.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Antonio Borsato
Gorham -- Art In America
1976Mother And Child Of The Apache People$35.00$21.00photo
Gorham -- Bicentennial
19721776 Bicentennial$35.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Christmas - Rockwell
1974Tiny Tim$35.00$16.00photo
1975Good Deeds$45.00$16.00photo
1978Planning Christmas Visits$30.00$16.00photo
1979Santa's Helpers$30.00$16.00photo
1981Santa Plans His Visit$35.00$16.00photo
1982Jolly Coachman$30.00$16.00photo
1984Christmas Medley$40.00$16.00photo
1987The Homecoming$40.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Clowns
1979The Understudy$55.00$16.00photo
1980The Idol$55.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Dominic Mingolla Christmas
1974Playing By The Christmas Tree$30.00$16.00photo
1976Christmas Coach$30.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Encounters, Survival & Celebrations
1982A Fine Welcome$75.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Four Seasons - A Helping Hand
1979Four Seasons - A Helping Hand - Set of 4$135.00$29.70photo
Gorham -- Four Seasons - Dad's Boys
1980Four Seasons - Dad's Boys - Set of 4$140.00$28.00photo
Gorham -- Four Seasons - Grandpa And Me
1974Four Seasons - Grandpa And Me - Set of 4$150.00$49.50photo
Gorham -- Four Seasons - Me And My Pal
1975Four Seasons - Me And My Pal - Set of 4$125.00$41.30photo
Gorham -- Indian Craft Series
1978Turquoise Bead Maker$40.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Irene Spencer
1975Dear Child$65.00$16.00photo
1976Promises To Keep$35.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Julian Ritter
1977Christmas Visit$25.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- The Lewis And Clark Expedition
1981Lewis And Clark In The Bitterroots$75.00$16.50photo
1981The Lewis Crossing$55.00$16.00photo
1981Captain Clark - Buffalo Gangue$55.00$16.00photo
1982The Saltmakers$55.00$16.00photo
1982Up The Jefferson$55.00$16.00photo
1982Arrival Of Sargeant Pryor$55.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Moppets Christmas
1973Christmas March$35.00$16.00photo
1974Decorating The Tree$25.00$16.00photo
1976Christmas Tree$25.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Moppets Mother's Day
1973Boy With Flower$25.00$16.00photo
1974Girl In Big Hat$25.00$16.00photo
1975Girl Dressing Up In Mirror$25.00$16.00photo
1976Children With Flowers$25.00$16.00photo
Gorham -- Pastoral Symphony
1982When I Was A Child$50.00$16.50photo
Gorham -- Remington Western
1973A New Year On The Cimarron$40.00$16.00photo
1973Aiding A Comrade$65.00$25.40photo
1973The Fight For The Water Hole$65.00$25.40photo
Gorham -- Single Release - Rockwell
1974The Streaker$35.00$16.00photo
1975Ben Franklin$30.00$16.00photo
1978Triple Self Portrait$65.00$16.00photo
NDA Family Tree$100.00$22.00photo
Gorham -- Traveling Salesmen
1984Country Pedlar$35.00$16.00photo
Grafburg -- Christmas
1975Black-Capped Chickadees$30.00$16.00photo
Grande Copenhagen -- Christmas
1975Alone Together$25.00$16.00photo
1976Christmas Wreath$25.00$16.00photo
1977Fishwives At Gammelstrand$28.00$16.00photo
1978Hans Christian Andersen$35.00$16.00photo
1980Snow Queen In The Tivoli$35.00$16.00photo
Grande Copenhagen -- Single Issue
1976Bicentennial - Great Seal$30.00$16.00photo
Grande Copenhagen -- Ugly Duckling
1985Not Like The Others$30.00$16.00photo
1986He Will Grow Up Strong$32.00$16.00photo
1986Come With Us$32.00$16.00photo
1986What Beautiful Birds$40.00$16.00photo
Grande Danica -- Mother's Day
Greentree -- American Landmarks
1971Niagara Falls$25.00$16.00photo
Grossman -- Children Of The Week
1979Monday's Child$35.00$16.00photo
1979Tuesday's Child$35.00$16.00photo
1979Wednesday's Child$35.00$16.00photo
1980Thursday's Child$35.00$16.00photo
1981Friday's Child$35.00$16.00photo
Grossman -- Emmett Kelly Circus Collection
1987Christmas Wreath$145.00$21.80photo
Grossman -- The Magic People
1982Music For A Queen$65.00$24.70photo
1983Fantasy Festival$65.00$16.00photo
Grossman -- Margaret Keane
1976Balloon Girl$35.00$16.00photo
Grossman -- Norman Rockwell Bas Relief
1979Leap Frog$35.00$16.00photo
1981Dreams Of Long Ago$35.00$16.00photo
Grossman -- Norman Rockwell Bas Relief Christmas
1980Christmas Trio$55.00$16.00photo
Grossman -- Norman Rockwell Collection
Grossman -- Norman Rockwell Huckleberry Finn
1980No Kings Nor Dukes$40.00$16.00photo
1981The Snake Escapes$40.00$16.00photo

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