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Cat# Name Size Trademark Retail Price Your Price  
118Little Thrifty5"Goebel$200.00$48.00 Photo
756The Artist4 3/4"Goebel/C$400.00$88.00 Photo
30/0 A&BBa-Bee-Ring4x5"Full Bee$350.00$245.00 Photo
30/0 A&BBa-Bee-Ring4x5"Goebel$250.00$175.00 Photo
460Dealer Plaque (U.S.)5x6"Goebel$200.00$39.00 Photo
92Merry Wanderer4.5x5"3-Line$175.00$122.50 Photo
187AMerry Wanderer5x4"Goebel/V$175.00$52.50 Photo
900Merry Wanderer Plaque 20004"Bumblebee$200.00$52.00 Photo
767Puppy Love4 x 7"Goebel/C$300.00$72.00 Photo
690Smiling Through5 3/4"Goebel/V$50.00$13.00 Photo
180Tuneful Goodnight4 3/4"Goebel/C$280.00$112.00 Photo
125Vacation Time4 x 5"Sty Bee$275.00$96.30 Photo
Mini Plates
748Chicken Licken4"Goebel$75.00$26.30 Photo
744Little Fiddler4"Goebel$75.00$8.30 Photo
745Little Sweeper4"Goebel$75.00$15.00 Photo
741Serenade4"Goebel$75.00$18.00 Photo
Candle Holders
241Angel Lights10 x 8"Goebel/V$400.00$120.00 Photo
1/39/0Angel, Joyous News With Accordion2"Goebel/C$75.00$36.00 Photo
1/38/0Angel, Joyous News With Lute2"Sty Bee$100.00$60.00 Photo
III/38/0Angel, Joyous News With Lute2"Full Bee$120.00$84.00 Photo
1/40/0Angel, Joyous News With Trumpet2"Full Bee$100.00$31.00 Photo
1/40/0Angel, Joyous News With Trumpet2"Sty Bee$95.00$57.00 Photo
III/40/0Angel, Joyous News With Trumpet2"Full Bee$100.00$31.00 Photo
677Apple Tree Boy6 1/2"Goebel$200.00$100.00 Photo
440Birthday Candle5 1/2"Goebel$350.00$73.50 Photo
439A Gentle Glow5 1/4"Goebel$240.00$55.20 Photo
116Girl With Fir Tree3 1/2"Goebel$80.00$20.80 Photo
115Girl With Nosegay3 1/2"Sty Bee$95.00$20.90 Photo
Annual Ornaments
5711991 Angelic Guide4"Goebel/C$125.00$23.80 Photo
6231993 Herald On High4 1/2"Goebel/C$175.00$35.00 Photo
6451996 Christmas Song3 1/8"Goebel/C$130.00$52.00 Photo
5971998 Echoes Of Joy3"Goebel/C$130.00$45.50 Photo
5981999 A Joyful Noise2 3/4"Goebel/C$120.00$37.20 Photo
166Boy With Bird3.25x6"Sty Bee$190.00$95.00 Photo
62Happy Pastime3 1/2"Goebel/V$175.00$61.30 Photo
33Joyful3.5x6"Goebel/V$190.00$49.40 Photo
114Let's Sing3.5x6"Sty Bee$225.00$69.80 Photo
114Let's Sing3.5x6"Goebel$150.00$84.00 Photo
2074/A/0Christmas Gift3 1/2 "Goebel/C$70.00$29.40 Photo
2077 B/OA Flower For You3"Bumblebee$70.00$49.00 Photo
2067 B/OFor Me?3 1/4"Bumblebee$70.00$19.60 Photo
878ASleep Tight Ball3 1/2"Bumblebee$20.00$8.80 Photo
Annual Plates
2641971 Heavenly Angel7 1/2"3-Line$500.00$155.00 Photo
2651972 Hear Ye, Hear Ye7 1/2"Goebel/V$40.00$28.80 Photo
2661973 Globe Trotter7 1/2"Goebel/V$80.00$47.20 Photo
2671974 Goose Girl7 1/2"Goebel/V$40.00$35.20 Photo
2681975 Ride Into Christmas7 1/2"Goebel/V$45.00$45.00 Photo
2691976 Apple Tree Girl7 1/2"Goebel/V$40.00$28.80 Photo
2701977 Apple Tree Boy7 1/2"Goebel/V$60.00$54.00 Photo
2711978 Happy Pastime7 1/2"Goebel/V$35.00$22.40 Photo
2721979 Singing Lesson7 1/2"Goebel/V$30.00$9.00 Photo
2741981 Umbrella Boy7 1/2"Goebel$55.00$31.40 Photo
2751982 Umbrella Girl7 1/2"Goebel$90.00$81.00 Photo
2761983 Postman7 1/2"Goebel$150.00$73.50 Photo
2781985 Chick Girl7 1/2"Goebel$70.00$44.80 Photo
2791986 Playmates7 1/2"Goebel$120.00$52.80 Photo
2831987 Feeding Time7 1/2"Goebel$375.00$165.00 Photo
2841988 Little Goat Herder7 1/2"Goebel$95.00$56.10 Photo
2851989 Farm Boy7 1/2"Goebel$125.00$80.00 Photo
2861990 Shepherd's Boy7 1/2"Goebel$225.00$110.30 Photo
2871991 Just Resting7 1/2"Goebel$140.00$53.20 Photo
2881992 Wayside Harmony7 1/2"Goebel/C$225.00$112.50 Photo
2891993 Doll Bath7 1/2"Goebel/C$175.00$57.80 Photo
2901994 Doctor7 1/2"Goebel/C$175.00$77.00 Photo
2911995 Come Back Soon7 1/2"Goebel/C$175.00$61.30 Photo
Annual Bells
7001978 Let's Sing6"Goebel/V$30.00$15.00 Photo
7011979 Farewell6"Goebel/V$25.00$11.00 Photo
7021980 Thoughtful6"Goebel$25.00$13.50 Photo
7031981 In Tune6"Goebel$45.00$15.80 Photo
7041982 She Loves Me...6"Goebel$65.00$20.20 Photo
7051983 Knit One...6"Goebel$55.00$17.10 Photo
7061984 Mountaineer6"Goebel$65.00$37.10 Photo
7071985 Sweet Song6"Goebel$65.00$29.30 Photo
7081986 Sing Along6"Goebel$85.00$28.90 Photo
7091987 With Loving Greetings6"Goebel$140.00$53.20 Photo
7101988 Busy Student6"Goebel$100.00$60.00 Photo
7111989 Latest News6"Goebel$120.00$108.00 Photo
7131991 Favorite Pet6"Goebel$120.00$108.00 Photo
7141992 Whistler's Duet6"Goebel/C$110.00$34.10 Photo
Anniversary Plates
2801975 Stormy Weather10"Goebel/V$75.00$67.50 Photo
2811980 Ring Around The Rosie10"Goebel$60.00$28.20 Photo
2821985 Auf Wiedersehen10"Goebel$180.00$129.60 Photo
Mini Annual Plates
977Apple Tree Boy3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$20.00 Photo
976Apple Tree Girl3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$16.00 Photo
985Chick Girl3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$17.00 Photo
994Doctor3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$14.40 Photo
989Farm Boy3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$12.80 Photo
987Feeding Time3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$12.00 Photo
973Globe Trotter3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$14.40 Photo
974Goose Girl3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$20.00 Photo
978Happy Pastime3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$18.00 Photo
972Hear Ye, Hear Ye3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$10.20 Photo
971Heavenly Angel3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$16.00 Photo
991Just Resting3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$20.00 Photo
988Little Goat Herder3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$12.80 Photo
984Little Helper3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$20.00 Photo
986Playmates3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$16.00 Photo
983Postman3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$14.40 Photo
975Ride Into Christmas3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$11.20 Photo
980School Girl3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$11.80 Photo
990Shepherd's Boy3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$11.80 Photo
979Singing Lesson3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$14.40 Photo
981Umbrella Boy3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$13.60 Photo
992Wayside Harmony3 1/8"Bumblebee$20.00$16.00 Photo
Mini Century Plates
887Pleasant Journey3 7/8"Goebel/C$31.50$31.50 Photo
Celebration Plates
736Daisies Don't Tell6 1/4"Goebel$120.00$60.00 Photo
735It's Cold6 1/4"Goebel$120.00$56.40 Photo
738Valentine Gift6 1/4"Goebel$120.00$50.40 Photo
737Valentine Joy6 1/4"Goebel$120.00$50.40 Photo
Friends Forever Plates
292Meditation7 1/8"Goebel/C$195.00$87.80 Photo
Christmas Plates
6931995 Festival Harmony With Flute5 3/4"Goebel/C$125.00$17.50 Photo
920Star Gazer - Millennium7"Bumblebee$198.00$47.50 Photo
Christmas Bells
7761990 Letter To Santa3 1/4"Goebel$60.00$28.20 Photo
7771991 Hear Ye, Hear Ye3 1/4"Goebel/C$60.00$10.20 Photo
7781992 Harmony In Four Parts3 1/4"Goebel/C$60.00$11.40 Photo
7791993 Celestial Musician3 1/4"Goebel/C$50.00$12.50 Photo
7811995 Festival Harmony With Flute3 1/4"Goebel/C$55.00$9.90 Photo
7821996 Christmas Song3 1/4"Goebel/C$65.00$14.30 Photo
HU2Sister Berta Hummel5 1/2"Goebel/V$150.00$30.00 Photo
61 APlaymates4 1/2"Sty Bee$212.50$148.80 Photo
Wall Vases
360CGirl4.5x6"Goebel$190.00$108.30 Photo
Perpetual Calendars
788/AHello7 1/2"Goebel/C$300.00$60.00 Photo
788/BSister7 1/2"Goebel/C$300.00$45.00 Photo
Hummel Scapes
923-DWinter WonderlandGoebel/C$75.00$35.30 Photo
Angels Of Christmas Ornaments
585Angel In Cloud (white)2 1/2"Goebel/C$40.00$10.40 Photo
586Angel With Trumpet (white)2 1/2"Goebel/C$40.00$9.20 Photo
214 DAngel Serenade3"3-Line$125.00$100.00 Photo
214 C/1Good Night3 1/2"Goebel/C$120.00$84.00 Photo
214 CGood Night 3 1/2"Goebel$120.00$84.00 Photo
214 A/KInfant Jesus2 x 3 5/8"Sty Bee$100.00$35.00 Photo
214 A/K/0Infant Jesus1 3/4 x 3"M Rodental$69.00$40.70 Photo
214 A/K/1Infant Jesus2 x 3 5/8"Bumblebee$129.00$43.90 Photo
214 A/K/1Infant Jesus1 5/8"M Rodental$129.00$45.20 Photo
214 B/0Joseph6"Bumblebee$199.00$55.70 Photo
214 B/1Joseph7 1/2"M Rodental$289.00$138.70 Photo
214 M/0King Kneeling4"M Rodental$199.00$111.40 Photo
260PKing, Kneeling9"Goebel$540.00$189.00 Photo
214 NKing, Kneeling With Box5 1/2"Goebel/V$225.00$157.50 Photo
214 N/0King, Kneeling With Box4"M Rodental$199.00$135.30 Photo
214 HLittle Tooter3 3/4"3-Line$195.00$109.20 Photo
214 H/0Little Tooter3 1/4"Bumblebee$159.00$79.50 Photo
214 H/1Little Tooter3 3/4"Goebel/C$229.00$61.80 Photo
214 L/IMoorish King, Standing8 1/4"M Rodental$289.00$112.70 Photo
214 GShepherd Kneeling5"Sty Bee$200.00$70.00 Photo
214 G/0Shepherd Kneeling4"M Rodental$159.00$89.00 Photo
214 G/1Shepherd Kneeling5"M Rodental$229.00$109.90 Photo
214 F/0Shepherd Standing5 3/4"M Rodental$219.00$133.60 Photo
214 AVirgin Mary6 1/4"Sty Bee$250.00$87.50 Photo
214 AVirgin Mary6 1/4"Goebel$220.00$154.00 Photo
214 A/M/0Virgin Mary5"Bumblebee$199.00$87.60 Photo
214 A/M/1Virgin Mary6 1/2"Bumblebee$289.00$98.30 Photo
214 EWe Congratulate3 3/4"Sty Bee$250.00$65.00 Photo
260FWe Congratulate6 1/4"Goebel$415.00$232.40 Photo
441Call To Worship13"Goebel$1400.00$588.00 Photo
442Chapel Time (open windows/closed hole)11 1/2"Goebel$1750.00$525.00 Photo
White Bisque Plaques
nnMerry Wanderer4"Goebel$15.00$3.90 Photo
nnValentine Joy4"Goebel/V$40.00$15.20 Photo

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