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Name Cat# Tmk Height  Price  
Alsatian Puppy30106Goebel2''$20.00 Photo
Black Bears Playing36512 08Goebel3''$40.00 Photo
BoxerCH 617Goebel/V7''$65.00 Photo
Brown Puppy 198962155Goebel4''$30.00 Photo
Calfnn-calfGoebel/V3 1/2''$26.80 Photo
Dark Brown RabbitCE 297Sty Bee2 1/2''$25.00 Photo
Duck32004-03Goebel/V2 1/4''$30.00 Photo
Light Brown Bunny3482906Goebel2 1/2''$20.00 Photo
Pair of Black Dogs30505 03Goebel3 1/4''$40.00 Photo
Pandann-pandaGoebel/V2''$20.00 Photo
Parrot (Mexico)33513 11Goebel4 1/2''$40.00 Photo
Polar Bear and Cubs36002 12Goebel/V5''$50.00 Photo
Puppy- Collie80107Goebel/V2''$20.00 Photo
Rabbit Scratching Its Ear - Brown/White - crazedCE 296Sty Bee2 3/4''$25.00 Photo
Raccoon36-524Goebel2 1/4''$20.00 Photo
Vase - Bee Playing Bass FiddleVX 55AFull Bee5 1/4''$125.00 Photo
Vase - Bee Playing TrumpetVX 55Full Bee5''$125.00 Photo
Bird - Blue (crazed)CV 72bGoebel2 3/4''$15.00 Photo
Bird - BrownCV 72brGoebel2 3/4''$20.00 Photo
Bird - Brown/Blue/GreenCV 73bGoebel2 3/4''$25.00 Photo
Bird - Brown/Blue/GreenCV 74bGoebel2 3/4''$25.00 
Bird - Brown/Blue/GreenCV 75bSty Bee2''$20.00 Photo
Bird - Brown/Blue/Green (crazed)CV 74bSty Bee2 3/4''$15.00 Photo
Bird - RedCV 74rGoebel/V2 3/4''$20.00 Photo
Bird - whiteCV 48None2 3/4''$20.00 Photo
Bird - White With Gold BeakCV 72wGoebel2 3/4''$20.00 Photo
Brown ParrotCV 833-Line6 1/4''$80.00 Photo
CardinalCV 111Goebel/V6 1/2''$95.00 Photo
Green Parakeet38025Goebel2 1/2''$30.00 Photo
Parakeet PairCV 953-Line6 1/2''$75.00 Photo
Robin (white)CV 100Goebel4 3/4''$40.00 Photo
Swan and Cygnets38-044-10Goebel4''$95.00 Photo
Two Ducklings32066Goebel2 1/2''$24.00 Photo
Gerhard Bochmann
Traveler16040-22Goebel/V8 1/4''$67.00 Photo
Charlot Byj - Blondes
A Child's Prayer1983---5 3/4''$33.50 Photo
Bedtime BoyByj 95Goebel4 1/4''$35.00 Photo
Bless Us AllByj 16Goebel5 1/4''$42.00 Photo
Farm FriendsByj 100Goebel4''$84.00 Photo
Little Prayers Are BestByj 59Goebel4 1/2''$95.00 Photo
Mother Embracing ChildByj 36Goebel7 3/4''$135.00 Photo
Rock-A-Bye-BabyByj 37 Goebel6''$110.00 Photo
Sleepy HeadByj 113-Line5 1/2''$110.00 Photo
Charlot Byj - Redheads
A Young Man's FancyByj 63-Line4 1/4''$144.00 Photo
Atta BoyByj 73-Line4''$59.50 Photo
Bongo BeatByj 653-Line5 3/4''$175.00 Photo
Dating And SkatingByj 523-Line4 3/4''$84.00 Photo
Dealer Display PlaqueByj 47Goebel/V4 1/2''$67.00 Photo
Forbidden FruitByj 20Goebel4 1/4''$84.00 Photo
Good NewsByj 263-Line4 1/4''$140.00 Photo
Guess WhoByj 403-Line5''$105.00 Photo
Little Miss CoyByj 43-Line4 1/2''$93.80 Photo
Little ShopperByj 533-Line4 1/4''$105.00 Photo
Lucky DayByj 443-Line3''$97.20 Photo
Lucky DayByj 44Goebel3''$42.00 Photo
NurseByj 63Goebel/V5 1/2''$117.30 Photo
O'Hair For PresidentByj 8Goebel5 1/4''$125.00 Photo
Plenty Of NothingByj 27Goebel4''$47.00 Photo
SpellboundByj 193-Line5 1/2''$135.00 Photo
Spring TimeByj 10Goebel/V4 1/2''$140.00 Photo
StrikeByj 1Goebel/V3 3/4''$140.00 Photo
The KibitzerByj 23Goebel4 3/4''$150.00 Photo
The Stolen KissByj 183-Line5 1/2''$105.00 Photo
Trouble ShooterByj 67Goebel5 1/2''$110.50 Photo
Yeah TeamByj 93Goebel4''$105.00 Photo
Blowing His Horn13907-09Goebel3 1/2''$25.00 Photo
Boy At The Beach10501-12Goebel4 3/4''$23.50 Photo
Chimney Sweep10740-12Goebel5 1/2''$55.00 Photo
Chimney Sweep with LadderKF 38Goebel5 1/4''$35.00 Photo
Friends10921 11Goebel4''$50.00 Photo
Little Girl BellGra 1933-Line5 1/2''$33.50 Photo
St. Nick44350 09Goebel3 3/4''$25.00 Photo
Flower Girl103-10Goebel6''$103.30 Photo
Flower Girl Ornament102244Goebel3''$58.80 Photo
Flower Girl Plaque59025Goebel4 1/2''$70.50 Photo
Little Cocopah Indian Girl10322-12Goebel6''$232.70 Photo
Merry Little Indian10321-18Goebel7 1/2''$141.00 Photo
My First Horse103-12Goebel6''$157.50 Photo
Navajo Boy10339-16Goebel6 1/2''$83.70 Photo
Pima Drummer Boy- mini506PGoebel2''$125.00 Photo
Sunflower Boy103-13Goebel6 1/2''$140.00 Photo
The White Dove Ornament102201Goebel3''$91.70 Photo
Tiny Treasure- mini1036701Goebel2''$50.00 Photo
BambiDis 21Full Bee2 1/4''$45.00 Photo
Bambi and ThumperDis 10Full Bee3''$150.00 Photo
Bambi With Fly on TailDis13Full Bee3 1/4''$100.00 
Bunnies At PlayDis 128Full Bee4''$234.50 Photo
DocDis 7Full Bee2 1/2''$35.00 Photo
Donald Duck17226-08Goebel3 1/4''$65.00 Photo
SleepyDis 2Full Bee2 1/2''$35.00 Photo
Tinker BellDis 188Goebel/V8 1/2''$205.00 Photo
Tinker Bell - crazedDis 188Goebel/V8 1/4''$50.00 Photo
Dolly Dingle
Dolly Dingle In Holland11459-13Goebel5 3/4''$43.60 Photo
Dolly Dingle In Italy11465-13Goebel5 1/2''$43.60 Photo
Dolly Dingle's Friend Beppo11464-13Goebel5 3/4''$43.60 Photo
Dolly Dingle's Friend Don Juan11462-13Goebel5 3/4''$43.60 Photo
Dolly Dingle's Friend Hans11468-13Goebel5 3/4''$55.30 Photo
Fashions on Parade
Impatience 180016287 21Goebel8 3/4''$45.00 Photo
Amerikids by Harry Holt
Cactus Blues11611-15Goebel/V6 1/4''$70.00 Photo
Cold Ol' Swimming Hole11608-14Goebel/V5 1/2''$43.60 Photo
Fish For Two11609-14Goebel/V5 3/4''$50.30 Photo
Penny For A Tooth11607-15Goebel6''$50.30 Photo
Waiting To Produce11629-14Goebel6''$50.30 Photo
Whose Fish? 11605-14Goebel/V5 1/2''$53.60 Photo
Phillip Kracikowski
Bowler13008-15Goebel/V6''$33.50 Photo
Lore Blumenkinder
Barefoot LadLore 2293-Line6''$45.00 Photo
Birthday BoyLore2443-Line6 1/4''$77.10 Photo
Blumenkinder PlaqueLore238GVGoebel/V2''$33.50 Photo
Blumenkinder Plaque Lore238GGoebel2''$26.80 Photo
Boy Carrying Eggs11287-13Goebel4 3/4''$40.20 Photo
Boy Picking Mushrooms11291-09Goebel3 1/2''$41.80 Photo
Boy Watering Flowers11285-12Goebel5 1/4''$40.20 Photo
Boy With Apples11281-12Goebel4 3/4''$40.20 Photo
Etiquette LessonLore2433-Line5 1/4''$50.00 Photo
First JourneyLore2413-Line5 3/4''$50.30 Photo
First JourneyLore241Goebel/V5 3/4''$43.60 Photo
Garden PrincessLore2403-Line8''$117.30 Photo
Girl With Laundry Basket1128412Goebel4 1/2''$35.00 Photo
Springtime Suitor Plaquenn-sspGoebel5 3/4''$23.50 Photo
Boy With Dog And BallNa20Full Bee5 1/4''$234.50 Photo
Boy With Flowers For GirlNa8Crown5 1/2''$268.00 Photo
Girl Reading Book On StumpNa5Crown/ Full Bee6''$251.30 Photo
Girl With Bird On StumpNa18Full Bee5 1/4''$234.50 Photo
Nina & Marco
My Friend10782015''$35.00 Photo
Angel Candle Holder (blue)4200909Goebel/V4''$20.00 Photo
Angel Candle Mantle42069Goebel6 1/4''$25.00 Photo
Angel Kneeling (white)- crazed - crazed249/0Goebel2 1/2''$10.00 
Angel Playing LuteHX 229BGoebel/V2 3/4''$30.00 
Angel Playing Violin - whiteHX 258/BGoebel3''$15.00 Photo
Angel with Baby - whiteHX 16Goebel2''$10.00 Photo
Angel With Banjo (color)4122905Goebel2 1/2''$15.00 Photo
Angel With Banjo (white)4122905wGoebel2 1/2''$15.00 
Angel With Flute (white)4122909Goebel2 1/2''$15.00 Photo
Angel With Horn (white)4122204Goebel2 1/2''$15.00 Photo
Angel With Violin (white)4121903Goebel2 1/2''$15.00 Photo
Holy Child with Lamb - colorHJ 19CFull Bee4''$50.00 Photo
Holy Child with Lamb (white)HJ 19Goebel3 1/2''$20.00 Photo
Holy Child with Lamb (white)HJ 19Sty Bee4''$25.00 Photo
Holy FamilyHX 252Sty Bee5''$40.20 Photo
Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus (white)HX 306 A/B/CGoebel/V7 3/4''$125.00 Photo
Madonna And Child (white)HM12/ISty Bee12''$80.00 Photo
Madonna Bustnn-mb3-Line6 1/2''$50.30 Photo
Musical Angel Candle HolderHX 3283-Line6 1/2''$45.00 Photo
Religious - Nativity
Baby JesusHX306/CGoebel/V2 1/2''$35.00 Photo
JosephHX306/B3-Line8''$55.00 Photo
Joseph, Mary and Baby JesusHX 281 A/B/C3-Line5''$75.00 Photo
LambHX306/KGoebel/V2''$25.00 Photo
Janet Robson
Flight Into Egypt PlaqueRob 434Goebel/V4 3/4''$43.60 Photo
JosephRob 413BGoebel/V4 1/2''$30.20 Photo
JosephRob 413BGoebel4 1/2''$30.20 Photo
Antonio Ruiz
Tightrope Walker11402-20Goebel8''$83.80 Photo
Gerhard Skrobek
Woman Bowlernn-wbGoebel7''$67.00 Photo
Irene Spencer
Hush - A - Byenn-hbGoebel6 1/4''$40.00 Photo
Rise And Shine9709Goebel6 1/2''$36.90 Photo
Maria Sp”tl
Angel Ringing BellSpo 48Goebel4 1/4''$25.50 Photo
Angel Ringing Bell (white)Spo 48wGoebel4 1/2''$20.00 Photo
Double LuckSpo 61Goebel/V4 1/2''$33.50 Photo
Double LuckSpo 61Goebel4 1/2''$30.20 Photo
Today's Children
Girl Talk10714-10Goebel4''$42.50 Photo
Little Potter10705-15Goebel5 1/2''$42.50 Photo
Music Buff10712-14Goebel4 3/4''$36.90 Photo
Under The Big Top
In The SpotlightITS7 1/4''$50.30 Photo
Oops!nn-oopsGoebel7 1/2''$12.00 Photo
Other Goebel
2011 Annual Angel Bell66-505-34Bumblebee3 1/4''$20.00 
AngelHul 718 B3-Line4 1/4''$75.00 Photo
Annual Egg Cup 1984AEC19843''$10.00 Photo
Boy With Lanternnn-blGoebel4''$30.00 
Boy with Pole, Star at Top13916Goebel4 3/4''$25.00 Photo
Chimney Sweep1074012Goebel5 1/4''$40.00 Photo
Chimney Sweep With Ladder 302004Goebel3 3/4''$30.20 Photo
Colonial Boy with Basket of Flowers12200 14Goebel/V5 1/2''$35.00 Photo
Ears of Corn - Salt and Pepper ShakersP158 A/BFull Bee3 1/2''$20.00 Photo
Egg TimerE 69Full Bee3''$35.00 Photo
Fairy With Flowersnn-ffFull Bee2 3/4''$25.00 
Festive Lady Tree TopperFF 3013-Line7 1/2''$83.80 Photo
Nude Baby with Goose (Golden Highlights)Schau 2/0Full Bee6''$200.00 Photo
Praying Shepherd nn-ps5 1/2''$55.00 
Rocking Horse Candle Holder54403-08Goebel3 1/4''$23.50 Photo
Snowman Jump!66-912-13Bumblebee5 1/2''$40.00 
Snowman Riding Snowboard66-974-55Bumblebee4 1/4''$40.00 
Snowman Score!102852Bumblebee4''$40.00 
Snowman Wheee!102853Bumblebee3 1/4''$40.00 
Snowman's Holiday102851Bumblebee5 1/2''$40.00 
Soldier13902-09Goebel3 3/4''$20.10 Photo