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Royal Copenhagen Plaquettes series 2010
Aarhus Town Hall604"$6.70 photo
Amalienborg Palace134"$6.70 photo
Auto: Delaunay 19101554"$10.80 photo
Auto: Dion Bouton 19101514"$10.80 photo
Auto: Rolls Royce 19111564"$10.80 photo
Church Buried in Sand814"$6.70 photo
Copenhagen Borse144"$6.70 photo
Copenhagen Town Hall154"$10.00 photo
Dogsled in Greenland444"$6.70 photo
Dybbol Mill124"$10.00 photo
Fano314"$9.00 photo
Fish Sellers, Copenhagen454"$6.70 photo
Fiskere (Fishermen)774"$8.50 photo
Fredensborg Castle304"$9.00 photo
Frederiksborg Castle64"$10.00 photo
George Washington1754"$15.00 photo
Girl/Golden Horn834"$6.70 photo
Grundtvig's Church334"$9.00 photo
Jens Bang's Stone House244"$6.70 photo
Kaempehoj44"$10.00 photo
King's Lifeguards464"$6.70 photo
Koldinghus Castle384"$6.70 photo
Kronborg Castle54"$6.70 photo
Land Soldier414"$9.00 photo
Landmanden (The Farmer)764"$6.70 photo
Little Belt Bridge204"$6.70 photo
Little Mermaid24"$9.00 photo
New Little Belt Bridge884"$10.80 photo
Odense Concert103A4"$27.00 photo
Old Town, Aarhus234"$9.00 photo
On the Lookout, Greenland434"$6.70 photo
Osterlars Church74"$6.70 photo
Ribe Cathedral294"$9.00 photo
Rosenberg Castle14"$10.00 photo
Roskilde Cathedral224"$9.00 photo
The Round Tower84"$6.70 photo
Sky Mountain784"$9.00 photo
The Stockingmaker, Herning804"$15.00 photo
Storks Nesting494"$9.00 photo
Theodore Roosevelt1784"$10.80 photo
Thomas Jefferson1764"$15.00 photo
Tivoli324"$6.70 photo
Vaegter Plaza, Aabenraa284"$6.70 photo
Willemoes Farm794"$6.70 photo

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