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1986MS-69 NGC$87.90
1986MS-69 ICG$77.60
1986MS-69 Anacs$77.60
1986 SPR-69 NGC$71.00
1987MS-69 ICG$54.50
1987MS-69 Anacs$54.50
1987MS-69 NGC$58.10
1987 SPR-69 NGC$71.00
1987 SPR-69 PCGS$71.00
1988MS-69 ICG$58.10
1988MS-69 NGC$67.80
1988MS-69 Anacs$62.90
1988 SPR-69 NGC$71.00
1988 SPR-69 PCGS$71.00
1989MS-69 ICG$54.50
1989MS-69 NGC$65.30
1989 SPR-69 NGC$71.00
1990MS-69 ICG$62.00
1990MS-69 NGC$72.40
1990MS-69 Anacs$67.20
1990MS-70 Anacs$1023.00
1990 SPR-69 NGC$71.00
1990 SPR-70 DCam ICG$169.40
1990 SPR-70 DCam PCGS$169.40
1991MS-69 ICG$47.20
1991MS-69 Anacs$50.80
1991MS-69 NGC$58.10
1991MS-69 PCGS$58.10
1991 SPR-68 NGC$70.00
1991 SPR-69 NGC$71.00
1992MS-69 ICG$47.20
1992MS-69 NGC$58.10
1992MS-69 PCGS$58.10
1992MS-69 Anacs$50.80
1992 SPR-69 NGC$71.00
1992 SPR-70 PCGS$211.20
1993Gem BU WTC Ground Zero Recovery PCGS$88.00
1993MS-69 ICG$52.40
1993MS-69 Anacs$56.10
1993MS-69 NGC$61.70
1993 PPR-69 NGC$81.60
1993 PPR-70 Anacs$396.00
1994MS-68 PCGS$90.80
1994MS-69 ICG$82.50
1994MS-69 NGC$99.00
1994MS-69 PCGS$99.00
1994MS-69 Anacs$99.00
1994 PPR-69 NGC$150.90
1994 PPR-69 Anacs$150.90
1994 PPR-70 Anacs$363.00
1995MS-69 ICG$59.30
1995MS-69 NGC$72.80
1995MS-69 PCGS$72.80
1995MS-69 Anacs$64.70
1995 PPR-69 NGC$71.00
1995 PPR-70 Anacs$118.80
1996MS-68 NGC$92.40
1996MS-69 NGC$115.50
1996MS-69 ICG$100.10
1996MS-69 Anacs$107.80
1996 PPR-69 NGC$71.00
1996 PPR-70 Anacs$145.20
1997MS-69 ICG$56.10
1997MS-69 NGC$72.90
1997MS-69 PCGS$72.90
1997MS-69 Anacs$67.30
1997 PPR-69 NGC$71.00
1997 PPR-69 PCGS$71.00
1997 PPR-70 Anacs$121.00
1998MS-69 ICG$42.90
1998MS-69 Anacs$51.50
1998MS-69 NGC$60.10
1998MS-69 PCGS$60.10
1998 PPR-69 NGC$71.00
1998 PPR-70 Anacs$75.00
1999MS-69 ICG$54.50
1999MS-69 Anacs$59.40
1999MS-69 NGC$69.30
1999MS-69 PCGS$69.30
1999 PPR-68 DCAM ICG$70.00
1999 PPR-69 NGC$71.00
1999 PPR-70 Anacs$118.80
2000MS-69 ICG$53.20
2000MS-69 Anacs$58.10
2000MS-69 NGC$62.90
2000MS-69 PCGS$62.90
2000MS-70 Anacs$924.00
2000 PPR-69 NGC$71.00
2000 PPR-70 Anacs$121.00
2001Gem BU WTC Ground Zero Recovery PCGS$121.00
2001MS-68 PCGS$54.30
2001MS-69 ICG$50.20
2001MS-69 Anacs$50.20
2001MS-69 NGC$58.50
2001MS-69 PCGS$62.70
2001MS-70 Anacs$330.00
2001 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2001 WPR-70 NGC$102.90
2002MS-69 ICG$39.90
2002MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2002MS-69 NGC$47.20
2002MS-70 ICG$47.20
2002MS-70 Anacs$108.90
2002MS-70 NGC$217.80
2002 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2002 WPR-70 NGC$108.90
2003MS-69 ICG$39.90
2003MS-69 NGC$47.20
2003MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2003MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2003MS-70 ICG$47.20
2003MS-70 Anacs$60.50
2003 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2003 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2004MS-69 ICG$39.90
2004MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2004MS-69 NGC$47.20
2004MS-70 ICG$55.00
2004MS-70 Anacs$60.50
2004 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2004 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2005MS-68 toned obv Anacs$36.30
2005MS-69 NGC$47.20
2005MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2005MS-69 Anacs$36.30
2005MS-70 ICG$52.80
2005MS-70 Anacs$57.20
2005MS-70 NGC$133.10
2005 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2005 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2006MS-69 ICG$39.90
2006MS-69 Anacs$43.60
2006MS-69 NGC$47.20
2006MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2006MS-70 ICG$50.10
2006MS-70 Anacs$50.10
2006MS-70 NGC$84.70
2006 WMS-69 NGC$66.00
2006 WMS-69 PCGS$66.00
2006 WMS-70 NGC$112.20
2006 WMS-70 ICG$93.50
2006 WMS-70 PCGS$140.30
2006 WSP-70 PCGS$135.90
2006 PPR-69 PCGS$107.30
2006 PPR-70 NGC$330.00
2006 PPR-70 PCGS$332.80
2006 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2006 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2006 P Reverse ProofPR-69 NGC$145.20
2007MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2007MS-69 NGC$47.20
2007MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2007MS-70 ICG$57.80
2007MS-70 Anacs$61.60
2007 WMS-69 NGC$47.90
2007 WMS-69 PCGS$47.90
2007 WMS-70 NGC$64.40
2007 WMS-70 PCGS$64.40
2007 WMS-70 Anacs$55.80
2007 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2007 WPR-69 PCGS$71.00
2007 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2008MS-69 NGC$47.20
2008MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2008MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2008MS-70 Anacs$49.50
2008MS-70 NGC$59.40
2008MS-70 PCGS$59.40
2008 WMS-69 NGC$47.90
2008 WMS-69 PCGS$47.90
2008 WMS-70 Anacs$51.50
2008 WMS-70 NGC$64.40
2008 WMS-70 PCGS$64.40
2008 W Rev 07MS-69 NGC$464.80
2008 W Rev 07MS-70 NGC$990.00
2008 W Rev 07MS-70 PCGS$990.00
2008 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2008 WPR-69 PCGS$71.00
2008 WPR-70 Anacs$75.00
2008 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2009MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2009MS-69 NGC$47.20
2009MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2009MS-70 ICG$49.50
2009MS-70 Anacs$49.50
2009MS-70 NGC$59.40
2009MS-70 PCGS$59.40
2010MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2010MS-69 NGC$47.20
2010MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2010MS-70 ICG$48.40
2010MS-70 Anacs$48.40
2010MS-70 NGC$66.00
2010MS-70 PCGS$66.00
2010 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2010 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2011MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2011MS-69 NGC$47.20
2011MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2011MS-70 ICG$49.50
2011MS-70 NGC$64.40
2011MS-70 PCGS$64.40
2011MS-70 Anacs$49.50
2011 SMS-69 PCGS$206.30
2011 SMS-69 NGC$206.30
2011 SMS-70 Anacs$217.80
2011 SMS-70 NGC$257.40
2011 (S)MS-69 NGC$47.20
2011 (S)MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2011 (S)MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2011 (S)MS-70 NGC$50.10
2011 (S)MS-70 PCGS$50.10
2011 (S)MS-70 Anacs$42.40
2011 WMS-69 PCGS$51.00
2011 WMS-69 NGC$51.00
2011 WMS-70 PCGS$64.40
2011 WMS-70 NGC$64.40
2011 WMS-70 Anacs$51.50
2011 (W)MS-69 NGC$47.20
2011 (W)MS-70 NGC$50.10
2011 (W)MS-70 PCGS$50.10
2011 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2011 WPR-69 PCGS$71.00
2011 WPR-70 PCGS$75.00
2011 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2011 P Rev PRPR-69 NGC$231.00
2011 P Rev PRPR-70 Anacs$357.50
2012MS-69 NGC$47.20
2012MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2012MS-70 Anacs$53.90
2012MS-70 NGC$61.60
2012MS-70 PCGS$61.60
2012 (S)MS-69 NGC$52.80
2012 (S)MS-69 PCGS$52.80
2012 (S)MS-69 Anacs$48.40
2012 (S)MS-70 Anacs$55.70
2012 (S)MS-70 PCGS$65.80
2012 (S)MS-70 NGC$65.80
2012 (S)MS-70 ICG$55.70
2012 WMS-69 NGC$60.10
2012 WMS-69 PCGS$60.10
2012 WMS-70 PCGS$107.30
2012 WMS-70 NGC$107.30
2012 (W)MS-69 NGC$52.80
2012 (W)MS-69 PCGS$52.80
2012 (W)MS-70 PCGS$65.80
2012 (W)MS-70 NGC$65.80
2012 SPR-69 NGC$93.00
2012 SPR-69 PCGS$93.00
2012 SPR-70 Anacs$90.80
2012 SPR-70 NGC$115.50
2012 SPR-70 PCGS$118.80
2012 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2012 WPR-70 Anacs$75.00
2012 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2012 WPR-70 PCGS$75.00
2012 S Rev PRPR-69 PCGS$94.60
2012 S Rev PRPR-69 NGC$94.60
2012 S Rev PRPR-70 Anacs$169.40
2012 S Rev PRPR-70 NGC$200.20
2012 S Rev PRPR-70 IGS$93.50
2013MS-69 NGC$39.90
2013MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2013MS-69 Anacs$47.20
2013MS-70 ICG$48.40
2013MS-70 PCGS$61.60
2013MS-70 NGC$61.60
2013MS-70 Anacs$48.40
2013 (S)MS-69 NGC$47.20
2013 (S)MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2013 (S)MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2013 (S)MS-70 PCGS$61.60
2013 (S)MS-70 NGC$61.60
2013 (S)MS-70 Anacs$50.10
2013 WMS-69 NGC$57.80
2013 WMS-69 PCGS$57.80
2013 WMS-70 PCGS$86.20
2013 WMS-70 NGC$86.20
2013 WMS-70 Anacs$70.10
2013 (W)MS-69 NGC$47.20
2013 (W)MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2013 (W)MS-70 PCGS$61.60
2013 (W)MS-70 NGC$61.60
2013 (W)MS-70 Anacs$50.10
2013 W EnhancedMS-69 NGC$92.40
2013 W EnhancedMS-70 NGC$123.20
2013 W EnhancedMS-70 PCGS$123.20
2013 W EnhancedMS-70 Anacs$114.40
2013 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2013 WPR-70 Anacs$75.00
2013 WPR-70 NGC$75.00
2013 W Rev PRPR-69 NGC$92.40
2014MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2014MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2014MS-69 NGC$47.20
2014MS-70 Anacs$50.10
2014MS-70 PCGS$61.60
2014MS-70 NGC$61.60
2014 (S)MS-69 NGC$50.80
2014 (S)MS-69 PCGS$50.80
2014 (S)MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2014 (S)MS-70 PCGS$61.60
2014 (S)MS-70 NGC$61.60
2014 (S)MS-70 Anacs$50.10
2014 WMS-69 NGC$57.40
2014 WMS-70 NGC$72.60
2014 WMS-70 Anacs$62.90
2014 (W)MS-69 NGC$50.80
2014 (W)MS-69 PCGS$50.80
2014 (W)MS-70 PCGS$61.60
2014 (W)MS-70 NGC$61.60
2014 (W)MS-70 Anacs$50.10
2014 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2014 WPR-69 PCGS$71.00
2014 WPR-70 NGC$85.80
2015MS-69 NGC$47.20
2015MS-70 PCGS$64.40
2015MS-70 NGC$64.40
2015MS-70 Anacs$54.50
2015MS-70 ICG$54.50
2015 WMS-69 NGC$47.90
2015 WMS-69 PCGS$47.90
2015 WMS-70 PCGS$72.60
2015 WMS-70 NGC$72.60
2015 (W)MS-69 NGC$47.90
2015 (W)MS-70 PCGS$72.60
2015 (W)MS-70 NGC$72.60
2015 (W)MS-70 Anacs$62.90
2015 W BurnishedSP-70 PCGS$93.70
2015 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2015 WPR-70 Anacs$85.80
2015 WPR-70 NGC$85.80
2016MS-69 NGC$47.20
2016MS-69 PCGS$47.20
2016MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2016MS-70 PCGS$61.60
2016MS-70 NGC$61.60
2016MS-70 Anacs$46.20
2016MS-70 ICG$46.20
2016 (S)MS-69 NGC$60.10
2016 (S)MS-69 PCGS$60.10
2016 (S)MS-69 Anacs$51.50
2016 WMS-70 NGC$107.30
2016 WSP-70 Anacs$82.50
2016 (W)MS-70 PCGS$107.30
2016 (W)MS-70 NGC$107.30
2016 (PDS) 3 piece setMS-70 #442 of 572 Anacs$127.10
2016 WPR-67 Anacs$48.10
2016 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2016 WPR-70 Anacs$75.00
2016 WPR-70 NGC$90.80
2016 WPR-70 PCGS$90.80
2016 W 2 Coin SetPR-70 & SP70 Anacs$145.20
2016 W Burnished, Mercanti signedSP-70 PCGS$170.50
2017MS-69 NGC$49.50
2017MS-69 PCGS$49.50
2017MS-69 Anacs$43.60
2017MS-70 PCGS$62.90
2017MS-70 NGC$62.90
2017MS-70 Anacs$53.20
2017 (S)MS-69 Anacs$43.60
2017 (S)MS-69 NGC$49.50
2017 WMS-70 PCGS$107.30
2017 WMS-70 NGC$107.30
2017 (W)MS-69 NGC$47.90
2017 (W)MS-69 Anacs$41.50
2017 (W)MS-70 PCGS$78.70
2017 (W)MS-70 NGC$78.70
2017 W First DaySP-70 PCGS$107.30
2017 SPR-69 PCGS$82.80
2017 SPR-70 NGC$157.30
2017 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2017 WPR-69 PCGS$71.00
2017 WPR-70 NGC$90.80
2017 W (2020) WP Mint HoardPR-70 PCGS$135.00
2018MS-69 NGC$47.20
2018MS-70 PCGS$63.10
2018MS-70 NGC$63.10
2018MS-70 Anacs$49.60
2018MS-70 ICG$49.60
2018 WMS-70 PCGS$84.70
2018 WMS-70 NGC$84.70
2018 WSP-70 PCGS$100.30
2018 (W)MS-69 PCGS$61.10
2018 (W)MS-70 NGC$84.70
2018 SPR-70 NGC$99.00
2018 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2018 WPR-70 Anacs$85.80
2018 WPR-70 NGC$99.00
2018 WPR-70 PCGS$99.00
2019MS-69 NGC$47.20
2019MS-70 PCGS$63.10
2019MS-70 NGC$63.10
2019MS-70 Anacs$49.60
2019 WMS-70 NGC$84.70
2019 (W)MS-69 NGC$57.80
2019 (W)MS-69 PCGS$57.80
2019 W Legacy CollectionSP-70 PCGS$99.00
2019 W TrumpSP-70 PCGS$99.00
2019 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2019 WPR-70 NGC$99.00
2019 WPR-70 PCGS$99.00
2019 WPR-70 Anacs$92.40
2019 W Pride 2 NationsPR-70 NGC$264.00
2019 W Pride 2 NationsPR-70 PCGS$264.00
2019 W Pride 2 NationsPR-70 Anacs$246.40
2020MS-69 NGC$50.80
2020MS-69 PCGS$50.80
2020MS-70 PCGS$63.10
2020MS-70 NGC$63.10
2020MS-70 Anacs$49.60
2020 WMS-69 NGC$62.70
2020 WMS-70 PCGS$84.70
2020 WMS-70 NGC$84.70
2020 (W)MS-70 PCGS$64.40
2020 (W)MS-70 NGC$64.40
2020 (W)MS-70 Anacs$55.80
2020 P EmergencyMS-69 NGC$64.70
2020 P EmergencyMS-69 PCGS$64.70
2020 P EmergencyMS-70 PCGS$184.80
2020 P EmergencyMS-70 NGC$184.80
2020 P EmergencyMS-70 Anacs$145.20
2020 (S) Emergency IssueMS-69 NGC$52.40
2020 (S) Emergency IssueMS-69 PCGS$64.70
2020 (S) Emergency IssueMS-70 PCGS$86.20
2020 (S) Emergency IssueMS-70 NGC$86.20
2020 SPR-70 NGC$196.90
2020 WPR-69 NGC$71.00
2020 WPR-70 NGC$99.00
2020 WPR-70 PCGS$99.00
2020 W V75 Privy MarkPR-69 NGC$511.50
2021 Type 1MS-69 NGC$50.80
2021 Type 1MS-69 PCGS$50.80
2021 Type 1MS-69 Anacs$39.90
2021 Type 1MS-70 PCGS$73.90
2021 Type 1MS-70 NGC$73.90
2021 Type 1MS-70 Anacs$58.10
2021 (P) Type 1MS-69 NGC$50.80
2021 (P) Type 1MS-69 PCGS$50.80
2021 (P) Type 1MS-70 NGC$73.90
2021 (S) Type 1MS-69 NGC$50.80
2021 (S) Type 1MS-69 PCGS$50.80
2021 (S) Type 1MS-70 PCGS$73.90
2021 (S) Type 1MS-70 NGC$73.90
2021 (S) Type 1MS-70 Anacs$58.10
2021 (W) Type 1MS-70 First Strike PCGS$55.80
2021 Type 2MS-69 NGC$52.40
2021 Type 2MS-69 PCGS$52.40
2021 Type 2MS-69 Anacs$41.10
2021 Type 2MS-70 PCGS$79.20
2021 Type 2MS-70 NGC$79.20
2021 Type 2MS-70 Anacs$68.60
2021 (S) Type 2MS-70 PCGS$73.90
2021 (S) Type 2MS-70 NGC$73.90
2021 W Type 2, BurnishedMS-70 PCGS$89.40
2021 S Rev Pr Type 2PR-70 NGC$143.00
2021 S Type 2PR-70 NGC$196.90
2021 W Type 1PR-68 NGC$99.00
2021 W Type 1PR-69 NGC$181.50
2021 W Type 1PR-70 NGC$363.00
2021 W Type 2PR-69 NGC$138.60
2021 W Type 2PR-70 NGC$198.00
2022MS-69 NGC$50.80
2022MS-70 PCGS$63.10
2022MS-70 NGC$63.10
2022MS-70 Anacs$49.60
2022 (W)MS-69 PCGS$41.10
2022 SPR-70 NGC$196.90
2022 WPR-70 NGC$99.00
2023MS-70 PCGS$63.10
2023MS-70 NGC$63.10
2024 (W)MS-70 First Day PCGS$67.80

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